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Below is an excellent summary of recent events via The Post & Email:

Breaking: Prosecutions Coming in Obama Document Fraud

by Sharon Rondeau
The image posted on the White House website representing Obama’s long-form birth certificate has been found to be a “computer-generated forgery”

(Dec. 9, 2013) — On Monday morning, The Post & Email received a message from Tea Party Power Hour host Mark Gillar containing a video which states that “people will be prosecuted” in connection with the Obama long-form birth certificate forgery.

Gillar has interviewed Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo on several occasions. He called in to Mike Volin’s WheresObamasBirthCertificate radio show on Friday evening and while speaking with guest Mark McFarlin, candidate for Michigan governor, hinted that action might be coming in the near future on “multiple counts of document fraud” relating to Obama.

The Cold Case Posse website does not appear to be functioning as of this writing.  Some information on its activities is available through the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office website.

On his Facebook page this morning, Gillar posted the same video with the statement, “Break in Obama Fraud Case. The Smoking Guns Have Been Found. This trailer hints of much more to come.”

On April 27, 2011, the Obama regime posted what it said was a scanned certified copy of Obama’s original long-form birth certificate held at the Hawaii Department of Health to convince the public that Obama was born in Hawaii and eligible to hold the presidency after real estate mogul Donald Trump challenged Obama on that and other points.  The mainstream media ridiculed Trump, broadcast the short presser Obama held, and abandoned the issue, even after experts quickly declared the image fraudulent.

In September 2011, the Cold Case Posse began an investigation of the image and found that it did not emanate from a paper document.  The Cold Case Posse declared the birth certificate and Obama’s Selective Service registration form “computer-generated forgeries” at an initial press conference, although the mainstream media still refused to report or investigate the matter.  Following a second press conference on July 17, 2012, some in the media turned on the investigators, and Obama went on to campaign and win purported re-election to the White House.

Since the election, numerous “scandals” and evidence of deep corruption have been exposed by both whistleblowers and victims on the IRS’s targeting of Tea Party and other groups; the seizure of journalists’ phone records without their knowledge; the cover-up perpetrated by the White House on the events of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya in which four Americans were killed; Obama’s dishonesty about the provisions of the health care bill known as Obamacare; and on Sunday, veteran journalist Seymour Hersh declared that the Obama regime fabricated evidence in an apparent attempt to convince the public that the U.S. needed to invade Syria over its alleged use of chemical weapons.

Gillar’s YouTube channel contains the recent video release as well as previous videos on the Cold Case Posse investigation and other topics.

Several weeks ago, Gillar interviewed typesetting expert Douglas Vogt, who filed a Notice of Commission of misprision of felony and misprision of treason with the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington at Seattle on the Obama birth certificate forgery.   Vogt claims to know who the forger is and to have shared his findings with the posse.

After the court mischaracterized the filing and stated that it did not have jurisdiction, Vogt appealedto the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, where he is awaiting a response.

Volin will be interviewing Vogt on Monday evening.

Late last week, RedEye host Greg Gutfeld said on his show that Obama is “Kenyan-born.”  The Cold Case Posse has stated that there is no evidence that Obama was ever in the state of Hawaii before the age of five, contrary to his public life story.

On Volin’s show last week, Gillar had cautiously stated that there is an unprecedented level of optimism among those close to the Cold Case Posse’s 27-month investigation, which has reportedly gone far beyond the fraudulent birth certificate image.

At approximately the same time as Gillar’s video trailer was released, “RC” of Reality Check radio released a video stating that the birth certificate image “is not a forgery.” It is believed that a cabal of Obama supporters has assisted in perpetrating the forgery as authentic, ridiculing those who questioned it, and threatening anyone writing or reporting about it, including this writer.

Zullo has said that the image is a forgery beyond any reasonable doubt.  He has stated on several occasions that members of the media were intimidated into falling silent about the birth certificate/eligibility issue beginning in 2008.

Gillar stated that a number of individuals have been obfuscating the document fraud, including Obama’s former literary agent, “people in [Gov. Neil] Abercrombie’s office…people at the U.S. Postal Service…”

“Never has there been so much enthusiasm, so much confidence, such a high level of morale as there is right now…” Gillar said.

At the end of the video trailer, Gillar promised that more videos would be “coming soon.”

In the Weeds w/Obama’s Provenance

Fascinating read from OBRYR via The Post & Email into the problems with Obama’s provenance.  It’s a bit in the weeds, so unless you’re hard-core, skip it!

P&E Exclusive: Obama Social Security Number; Selective Service Card Signed By Current Admin

Exclusive: Private Investigator Susan Daniels on Obama’s Social Security Number and More


By Sharon Rondeau | The Post & Email

(Sep. 13, 2013) — In 2009, Private Investigator Susan Daniels discovered that Barack Hussein Obama has been using a Social Security number with a prefix indicating that it was issued in the state of Connecticut.  Daniels has reported that the first usage of the Social Security number she could find was in 1986, after Obama allegedly had graduated from Columbia University and was working as a community organizer in Chicago.

In late June 2011, the Social Security Administration announced that it had changed its policy of issuing numbers by specific prefixes assigned to certain geographical areas of the country.  It called its new policy “randomization” and explained it by stating that “Changing the assignment methodology extended the longevity of the nine digit SSN in all states. On July 3, 2007, the SSA published its intent to randomize the nine-digit SSN in the Federal Register Notice, Protecting the Integrity of Social Security Numbers [Docket No. SSA 2007-0046].”

In a recent interview with The Post & Email, Daniels told us that the Social Securitynumber Obama is using was issued in late March 1977, as were other numbers in close chronological proximity to his.  Daniels submitted a Freedom of Information Request to the Social Security Administration and obtained the SS-5, or application form, for Thomas L. Wood, who passed away in 1981 and whose Social Security number was 042-68-4424; Obama’s ends in 4425.  The documentation showed that Wood’s number was issued in the state of Connecticut on March 28, 1977 [Exhibit 14a-15 of lawsuit attachments].

We asked Daniels if she knew to whom Obama’s number had been originally issued, to which she replied, “No, I have never been able to find that out.”

Daniels said that contrary to reports issued by other researchers, Obama’s number did not belong to a “Harrison J. Bounel.”  Her explanation of how Obama’s SSN became connected to the name “Bounel” was that there was “one entry” in a database on which Bounel and Obama’s names appeared together along with Obama’s Chicago address.  She is convinced that there is no real connection between Obama and Bounel and that Bounel’s name might have appeared on the Chicago address because of a simple one-time typographical error.

“I found Harry Bounel’s entry on  Al Hendershot came up with Bounel with Obama’s SSN at the Chicago mansion address with one entry and said that Obama was using an alias based on that.  But that’s not proof.  I ran Harrison Bounel in the entire state of Illinois and he never showed up anywhere else other than that one entry,” Daniels said.

In July 2012, Daniels filed a lawsuit in her state of Ohio asking for a temporary injunction to prevent Obama’s name from being placed on the state ballot for the presidential election until “it is determined that he is using a properly issued social security number.”  The suit asked that Secretary of State John Husted launch an investigation into Obama’s use of the Connecticut-issued number.


Daniels also filed the necessary papers to become a presidential candidate herself (see Plaintiff’s Exhibit 4 contained in documents in above link) for 2012.

Daniels has a particular theory about why there are as many as 30 Social Security numbers associated with Obama’s name.

The name “John Paul Ludwig” has been associated with Obama’s Social Security number in some reports, but Daniels said that she found no actual connection between the two. “I found his Social Security number,” Daniels told us of Ludwig.  “He was born in 1890, he did live in Connecticut, and he died in Hawaii, and then people said, ‘It’s got to be him!’” Daniels told us.  “But there is no logic in that.  It’s one entry in a place that could have been a typo.”

We asked her if she knew when Harrison Bounel died, to which Daniels responded, “I don’t even know if Harrison Bounel lived.  When somebody shows up at an address in Chicago, it seems reasonable that they would show up somewhere in the state of Illinois besides that one address once.”

Regarding Obama’s birthplace, Daniels does not believe that Obama was born in Kenya.  “I think it’s more conceivable that he was born up around Seattle, because that’s where the family was from.  Where would they send her but to family if she was pregnant?  Then two weeks after he was born, she was registered for school.”

Is Stanley Ann Dunham
Obama’s biological mother?

The Post & Email asked Daniels if she ever ran the Social Security numbers for Stanley Ann Dunham and her parents, Madelyn and Stanley Armour Dunham, to which she said, “Yes, I have Stanley Ann’s Social.”

“Do you think she was Obama’s biological mother?” we asked, to which Daniels responded, “It’s very interesting that you ask, because I don’t know whether I believe that or not.”

We asked if she thought Stanley Ann ever used any aliases, to which Daniels responded, “I never saw that she did; I can’t think of any reason why she would have.”

THE POST & EMAIL:  Do you think she ever married Barack Hussein Obama Sr.?

SUSAN DANIELS:  Oh, no, they were never married.  I saw the “divorce” certification, but nobody ever came up with a marriage license.  She even had two different dates of their alleged marriage on two different islands.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Do you think the documents released from the State Department in 2010 on Stanley Ann are authentic?

SUSAN DANIELS:  Yes, because there was so much negative stuff about Obama Sr., so I think that’s all true.

THE POST & EMAIL:  How would one go about finding out if the Social Security number Obama is using was ever assigned before?

SUSAN DANIELS:  I wrote to the Social Security Administration, and they wrote back and said, essentially, “It’s in use.”  And he is using it, but he stole it.  It was assigned to somebody else on March 28, 1977.   It was assigned to somebody who was born in 1890.  In the lawsuit I filed, there were three and four pages of addresses going along with thecell phone he had, and on those pages, it listed his date of birth.  Intermittently, under his date of birth, with that cell phone number, the year “1890″ came up.  [See Plaintiff’s Exhibits 8, 11 & 17b]

However, we don’t even know if the date of birth is correct.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Mike Zullo also has expressed doubts about the birth date of August 4, 1961.

SUSAN DANIELS:  We can’t trust anything where Obama is involved.

THE POST & EMAIL:  How do you think Obama was able to obscure all of this?

SUSAN DANIELS:  He’s the plant.  He’s the guy they picked out who they could get elected president.  He’s the front man; he’s nobody.

I read the story by Wayne Allyn Root where he talked about a professor who said he never had Obama in his classes.  I called him about two months ago; his name is Henry Graff.  He is 93 years old. I told him who I was, and I said, “The only reason I’m calling is that I read a story by Wayne Root,” and he said, “Oh, yes, I remember Wayne.”   I said, “I just wanted to verify what was in the story to make sure that that was what you had told him,” and he said, “Oh, yes.”  He couldn’t have been nicer.

[Editor’s Note:  Wayne Allyn Root claimed earlier this year that he has been “targeted” by the IRS, as have many other individuals, organizations, and groups which the Obama regime may have viewed as political opponents.]

He said, “I taught at Columbia for 46 years.  Everybody who was a political science major at one point or another took a class from me or usually, several classes.  I had [former Secretary of State] Madeleine Albright in my class.  I never had him [Obama] in my class, never heard of his name, asked every other teacher in our section; none of them ever had him in his class.  And the dean of the school said, ‘I never heard of this guy’s name, but I signed his diploma anyway.’”  That’s what he told me.

It’s very frustrating to know so much all of these years and nobody will do anything about it.

THE POST & EMAIL:  I recall seeing Husted’s response to you, so he must know.

Reggie Love is known as
Obama’s former “personal assistant”

SUSAN DANIELS:  He does know; they all know.  They can’t not know.  Look at Reggie Love, whojust slipped…”When you’ve ‘traveled all over the world, documents get lost…”

THE POST & EMAIL:  Do you think it’s true that Obama went to Indonesia?

SUSAN DANIELS:  Yes, I think that’s true.  I don’t think he was born in Hawaii, but I believe he was in Indonesia.  A reliable source told me that the Hawaii Department of Health inserted a record for Obama into their system in 2008.

I think that he is probably psychologically the most troubled person in the country.  He had a mother who kept abandoning him, which I think explains his pathological attachment to Valerie Jarrett.  The mother kept abandoning him; the grandfather was crazy; the grandmother was crazy.  He didn’t have a chance.  I almost feel sorry for him.

But I think it’s very interesting about his sister.


SUSAN DANIELS:  Yes.  She was born in Indonesia, but she has a Hawaii Social Security number (Exhibit 17a in lawsuit).  Obama’s sister’s number begins with “576″ and was issued in Hawaii in 1985 or 1986.  She was born in 1971, so it makes sense that she was 14 or 15 when she got hers.  But hers is a Hawaiian number.  He was supposed to have been born in Hawaii, and she was born in Indonesia.  That was another one of the documents I had in my lawsuit.

THE POST & EMAIL:  How could that happen?

SUSAN DANIELS:  Her mother was a citizen, so she would have gotten it for her.

THE POST & EMAIL:  So there was nothing unusual about that?

SUSAN DANIELS:  No.  But Obama is supposed to have been born there, and he doesn’t have a Hawaii Social Security number.

THE POST & EMAIL:  I believe I missed that part.

SUSAN DANIELS:  The part that was interesting was not the lawsuit itself, but the documents that went with it.

THE POST & EMAIL:  As far as the year 1986, was that the first apparent use of the Social Security number Obama is using?

SUSAN DANIELS:  That’s the first time I ever found him at any address, but when they were phonying up his documents, that was the number they put on for his Selective Service application.  He had never used that until after he was purportedly through with Columbia.  However, I don’t think he attended Columbia; he never mentioned it in his book.

THE POST & EMAIL: How do you find when someone first starts publicly using a Social Security number?

SUSAN DANIELS:  I have an assortment of databases that I can refer to, and once I found the Social Security number for him, I started running it on a bunch of different things.  I just entered the SSN, and addresses started popping up all over the place for him.  However, no address showed up for him in New York, before 1986, when he was allegedly at Columbia.  In 1986, he was 25 years old, and the number should have shown up before then.

THE POST & EMAIL:  When are people required to obtain a Social Security number?

SUSAN DANIELS:  It did not become mandatory until 1985, and since then, you have to have it before you leave the hospital.

THE POST & EMAIL:  So there is no record that Obama used the number before 1986, but it appears on the Selective Service form allegedly completed by him in 1980?

SUSAN DANIELS:  Yes.  You saw the copy of the letter from Selective Service.  It’s amusing that it’s on a form dated 2007 which is supposed to be a copy of the letter he received in 1980.  If you read the middle of the letter, all the way over to the right, it’s a 2007 form.

THE POST & EMAIL:  That would appear fraudulent.

SUSAN DANIELS:  Yes, one would think.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Do you know if Obama used an alias?

SUSAN DANIELS:  No, although Neil Sankey found variations of spellings in all of those entries.  We have no way of knowing.  I believe that this was not the first number Obama had.  I believe that the first one would have shown him as a foreign student.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Is there any hard evidence that you’ve seen that shows he attended school here as a foreign student?

SUSAN DANIELS:  No, but they would have it at Occidental.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Do you think he really attended there?

SUSAN DANIELS:  Yes; in fact, he was thrown out of there.

THE POST & EMAIL:  He said he “transferred” from Occidental to Columbia.

SUSAN DANIELS:  He didn’t transfer anywhere from Occidental.  I think they threw him out because he was not doing the work.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Others have raised the question of how a mediocre or failing student could transfer to a prestigious university such as Columbia.

Zbigniew Brzezinski worked in both
the Carter and Reagan administrations

SUSAN DANIELS:  Keep in mind that in the early 1980s, the CIA was supposed to be recruiting minority students from Occidental.  [Zbigniew]Brzezinski is still around.  I believe he is the one behind all of this.  The CIA can do whatever they want to do.  Another researcher told me that he saw the graduation list from Columbia in 1983, and Obama’s name is on it, but I told him about my conversation with Graff.  He responded that maybe Obama went to night school; who knows?

[Editor’s Note:  Obama reportedly graduated Columbia with a degree in political science.  Zbigniew Brzezinski was National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter and sought to “normalize” relations with communist China.]

THE POST & EMAIL:  I recall that Breitbart put out an image purportedly showing that Obama graduated from Columbia in 1983.  However, we have learned that an image on a computer screen means nothing.

SUSAN DANIELS:  What was interesting was that somebody said that when Obama was supposed to be at Columbia, he had attended the Patrice Lamumba School in Russia.  I had heard that his name was on the list of honored students, so I went and looked.  They had a list of 20-24 people.  The fifth one up from the bottom was a blank space, and then when I went back a year later and looked, they had moved them up; there was no blank space anymore.  And that was supposed to be a six-month school.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Was his name there then?

SUSAN DANIELS:  No, because he was already president by then.  I think he spent much more time in Pakistan than three or four weeks as he pretended.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Do you have any idea what he might have been doing there?

SUSAN DANIELS:  No, but I know he didn’t get there on an American passport.

THE POST & EMAIL:  I’ve read both things about that:  there was an article in The New York Times Travel section in June 1981 that recommended Americans to go to Pakistan as tourists.  I also found many other reports that say that Americans could not go there then.

SUSAN DANIELS:  Keep in mind that she was writing for The New York Times and what we know about their position.  When I came out with the Social Security information on Obama, look at the excuses people came up with:  some woman said that he was at the age when his father was going to school and he could have visited Harvardon spring break.  Except that Harvard isn’t in Connecticut; that was in the Cashill story.

One of the things Jack Cashill asked me a long time ago was, “Has anybody ever really been able to dispute what you’ve said?” and I said, “No.  Nobody has come up with anything valid.  They tried with zip codes, and I discredited that, because there were only three potential zip codes that he might have had in Hawaii that lined up.  Two of them never existed in Connecticut, and the third one was for the exclusive use of Union Carbide; it was a number used only by that company beginning in 1991.  I looked up when the building was constructed and I called the post office there and spoke with a guy who had worked there forever.  He said the zip code was used only by Union Carbide until a couple of years ago, and isn’t even in use any longer.  So it didn’t even exist when they tried to say it was a zip code mistake.  Those are the only two things they ever came up with; it was pathetic.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Does the amalgamation of information you have about Obama make sense?

SUSAN DANIELS:  He has more strange things wrong with his life or “mistakes” of anybody I’ve ever seen.  How is that possible?  I do know that the Social Security number he has is wrong.

Although it’s not legible in the PDF file in the lawsuit, somebody had sent me a copy of the Massachusetts driving record for 1989 with his name, date of birth, and Social Security number on there for his driver’s license.  People want to ridicule the thing about the person born in 1890, but I have an affidavit from a woman named Paula Hoehn [Exhibit 14b-7].  She sent me certified documents that she got from the Social Security Administration, and in it, the woman who has the number whose number ends in “37″ was born in 1896.  The reason she was getting a Social Security number – and hers was issued on the same date as Obama’s – was that she had been using her husband’s until he died.  So she needed to get her own.  She was born in 1896, so 1890 is not so implausible.  You’ll see the documents from Social Security [Plaintiff’s Exhibit 14c-4] with the young man with the number before Obama’s.   All of the numbers were issued March 28, 1977.

When Social Security started in 1936, it was not mandatory that people get these numbers.  It was mandatory only if you worked at a company that had 15 or more employees.  My theory has always been that in 1977, somebody who was 87 years old was sick and needed Medicaid, and he could not get it without a Social Security number, so he or she applied for it then.  I think the person probably lived just another year or two, and by the time Obama stole it, the person was dead and it didn’t matter.

THE POST & EMAIL:  And they probably figured nobody would find out.

SUSAN DANIELS:  Trust me:  in a million years, none of them ever thought that anybody would find what I’ve found.

Before it became disabled, Daniels was able to enter Obama’s Social Security number at the Selective Service website in a search query, which yielded the following screen shot:

While supplying The Post & Email with additional information on her research, Daniels discovered that the signature of current Selective Service Administration Director Lawrence Romo appears on Obama’s purported Selective Service registration card printout:

The Selective Service registration number for Obama matches on both documents.

According to Romo’s official biography at the Selective Service Administration website, he began his working years in 1987 and therefore could not have been Selective Service Administration Director in 1980.  According to the Selective Service, the director in 1980 was Dr. Bernard D. Rostker, which appears in his Wikipedia entry.

In April of last year, Richard Flavahan of the Selective Service Administration told Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio that Obama’s original “paper and ink” registration from 1980 had been destroyed.  Arpaio commissioned a volunteer Cold Case Posse in September 2011 to investigate Obama’s birth certificate, which had been alleged to be a forgery by several experts.  Six months later, on March 1, 2012, the posse held a press conference in which lead investigator Mike Zullo and Arpaio announced that the long-form birth certificate posted on the White House website and Obama’s Selective Service registration form are “computer-generated forgeries.”

While Daniels did not receive the above form directly from the Selective Service Administration, she said she is sure of the chain of custody.

— end —

“Natural” v. “Native” Born

The hullabaloo over Ted Cruz’s citizenship is interesting on a number of levels but the one that interests me the most is the one that is discussed the least:  “natural” versus “native” born.  I poo-pooed the matter of parental citizenship prior to this, but upon a rethink & more reading, I realize I was wrong;  not only as it relates to Cruz but to Obama, in combination with, the more obvious matter of WHERE one is born. They BOTH matter.

Everyone agrees that if you are born on American soil, even if it is “declared” American soil, like an embassy or military base (i.e. John McCain), no matter what nationality either/both parents are,  you are a citizen.  You are at the very least a “native” born citizen but that is no guarantee that you are a “natural” born citizen, which is what the Constitution requires of our President.  This is a CRITICAL distinction and just blown past in most of the media discussion about this issue.

For instance, John McCain, even though he was born outside the U.S. (I forget where, but it was a military base, and officially American soil – Panama Canal?) was born of two American citizen parents on American soil; therefore John McCain qualifies as a “natural” born citizen eligible to occupy the Office of the President of the United States.

McCain’s provenance comports with what we know from the Federalist papers and one SCOTUS decision that “natural” born citizen means that you are born not only on American soil but, and this is important, you must also have American parents – two of them, on American soil, at the time of your birth, i.e., no duality of citizenship.  This was the clear message of the founders who, at the time, were understandably concerned about divided loyalties (in their case to the Crown);  but more broadly, and for posterity, to any entity other than The United States of America.

Now, obviously, there had to be a “grandfathering” in of this for our Founding Fathers, as the Republic, as formed under the constitution drafted by their hand, didn’t exist before they drafted it!  But their intent was clear: NO DIVIDED LOYALTIES. PERIOD.

Thus we have distinctions we commonly recognize:  “naturalized” citizen, “natural-born” citizen, and “native-born” citizen.  They are different.  They are so-called for a reason:  they each of have profound differences for a REASON, thus the different names.

As much as I love Ted Cruz, I believe a very serious argument could be made that he is NOT eligible to hold the office of President of the United States.  I LOVE the guy, but I wonder – very seriously wonder about his eligibility.  I’m not even sure which of the “n’s” he is, given the fact that his father was Cuban, and he was born in Canada of an American mother.  At our founding, citizenship was conferred by the father, so there is a possibility that, as it has yet to be clearly adjudicated by SCOTUS, that he could have TRIPLE citizenship which is two more than a “natural” born President is allowed.

I just don’t see how he could be eligible, but I’m willing to be convinced.  He’s born in Canada, a part of the United Kingdom for crying out loud; we blew that clambake, remember?  How can we have a President born of the Crown of all things?

It seems to me “natural” born means two American parents on American soil, but I’ll leave it to people way, waaaay smarter than me to argue otherwise.

BTW:  My previous writings on Mr. Obama’s difficulties with provenance can be found here for starters, but if you click on “birth certificate” in the tags, there are about a dozen total.  (For the record: I do not believe he was born in Kenya or any place other than the United States of America.  I do believe he was born in Hawaii but that doesn’t mean there aren’t significant problems with his documents.)  American Thinker (a website I heartily recommend and I read every day) has an excellent article on “natural” vs. “native” born including a discussion of the one relevant SCOTUS case, Minor v Happersett.

Obama's "Fake but Accurate" Birth Certificate

(This is a repost of a post I wrote a year ago, the day Obama released his long-form birth certificate, but given recent events, having another look at the “fake but accurate” birth certificate seemed in order.  I believe Obama was born in Hawaii, but I *also* believe his legal adoption by his mother’s second husband, Lolo Soetoro, in Indonesia, compromised his eligibility to hold office.  We know he was adopted there because his daughter, Obama’s half-sister Maya, the only sibling he’s taken out on the campaign trail, posted on her FB page that Lolo adopted him, thus rendering his birth certificate “fake but accurate.”)

Okay… I was 99% convinced until about an hour ago that the birth certificate was legit.

Gosh, kind of a lot’s happened since then.

How could he put out such a ham-handed fake? This ONE image ALONE blows it and all you had to do was zoom in to see it. Below is a screenshot I took of the original birth certificate pdf downloaded from the White House website. I was viewing it in Adobe Acrobat. All I did was zoom. That’s it.

Look at the pixelation on the last 1!!!!

There’s also the problem of the lack of ‘chromatic fringe’ around the letters. It’s PURE white around the edges of the numbers. That’s NOT what happens in COLOR SCANS and we know this is a color scan because the safety paper is clearly green.

I wish I could say I knew about ‘chromatic fringe’ 2 hours ago but I didn’t. A detailed, mind-blowing examination of the document is here. But before you go, look what happened when I just tried to ‘control-C’ copy the selection above:


Barry… Didn’t the Nixon years teach you ANYTHING? It’s not the CRIME. It’s the COVER-UP.

If the ‘mind-blowing’ exam link is broken (as it likely is since I have lately been embed hexed) you can cut and paste this one:

UPDATE 19 May 2011:

Just figured out why & how the last ‘1’ is different from the numbers that precede it.

If you’ve ever used Adobe Photoshop Elements, you know there’s a select tool called the ‘magic wand.’ Basically it selects whatever you ‘touch’ with it, so if you have an irregular area, like the inside of a number (or series of numbers) you lifted off another person’s birth certificate, you can ‘select’ each one then ‘fill’ it with something else, like, black.  That explains why all the numbers except the last ‘1’ are so nice and inky black.  They selected areas to ‘fill.’  They probably reasoned that if they ‘selected’ & ‘filled’ all the irregular areas and filled them with black it would give the document consistency.  But what to do about that last number that has to be changed?

They typed it.  Dumb choice.  Rookie mistake. (Did Obama himself do this?) Look at the hard edges around the bottom of that last ‘1.’  Now look at the irregular edges of the other numbers.  How do you explain that?  One suggestion is that it was made by one of those rubber stamp things that advances a click every type you stamp something. Uh… No.  It’s too sharp… too COMPUTER GENERATED.  The only thing I can’t figure is why didn’t the genius who did this who presumably can ‘select’ and ‘fill’ just ‘select’ and ‘copy’ one of the other 1’s?  That would have been the thing to do, then just rough up the edges a little to distinguish it from the others.  That ain’t hard. They AT LEAST could have ‘inked in’ the pixels on the typed ‘1’ ferkryssakes.  Like I said before, my kids could make a better fake.

Irrepressible Orly All Over America

Below is the latest from “birther queen” Orly Taitz. I hate the term “birther” and I’m not particularly fond of “queen” and I especially don’t like them together, but everyone understands them, so…

This is excerpted from an update she posted on her site (very) early Saturday morning.

God/Gaia/HigherPower/It/Tree Love her. She’s doing a very hard thing, at great personal cost & peril.

 “…So far I filed challenges in NH, HI, GA, IN, LA, MS, (and) there are ongoing cases in CA and DC.

…Other individuals filed challenges in IL, PA, CA, FL, MA, TN, AZ, TX, DC. Similar challenges are expected all over the country.

My main concern … (is) that no judge will remove Obama from the ballot based on Minor v Hapersett only… It will take more, than that. It will take a combination of showing malfeasance, criminal behavior by Obama in conjunction with bringing forward the issue of eligibility based on his father’s foreign citizenship. The judges understand that the citizens will not accept removal of a siting President from the ballot based on the interpretation of the Constitution only, as the reasonable question will be: why was he allowed in the WH in the first place? …Just as it happened in Watergate, evidence of flagrant criminality on part of the sitting President will do him in at the end…”