I don’t know why I’m surprised.

I cry at commercials, hug the U.P.S. man, closed my eyes through most of Jurrassic Park fercryingoutloud.

So I’m a little tender, okay?

But I’ve been welling up since Friday morning. Going down to New York yesterday didn’t help matters – but in a backwards way, it sort of did. Though I audibly gasped at seeing an Army soldier in an American city standing there with a loaded machine gun, and was sickened that it had come to this, within seconds I found myself uttering, again, almost involuntarily after an audible gasp “Oh look! The Freedom Tower. And we’re gonna build a foot taller than the Trade Center just to spite ’em, the bastards…”

Probably not the word of choice for the ears of my 14, 12, and 12 year old daughters, but choking back the tears as I looked up at that beautiful new tower, still being built, I don’t think anyone minded.

And just as a bonus? Today is our 18th wedding anniversary.