We Met!

Update to “2 Miles & 5 Decades Apart

Michael Megeath, Me, Jamie (Megeath) Jamison

Ok, first of all, yes, half-brother Michael is ridiculously tall. He also takes his teasing well, as any “little” brother should. Half-sister Jamie, being his (full!) older sister, obviously “raised” him well. She also is incredibly charming and we had a lovely, LOVELY lunch. We all met at the Scarlett Oak in Hingham, MA and lunched w/Mike & Dad. Dad went on his merry way after about an hour & a half, but the rest of us lingered for another hour & a half. (I had told the Scarlett Oak what was going on and that we’d stay a while. I’d asked for a corner table so we didn’t bother anyone.)

As I write this, it’s a few weeks later, actually about a month later! But I wanted to be sure to memorialize it. It’s early, pre-dawn in fact, on a Sunday morning, so I’m going to go now. I’ll come back for a later installment to flesh out some more details, but for now? We met! It happened! And we are all delighted to know each of us is out there in the world!