The Corner Cafe, Marshfield, MA

My husband just took us out to breakfast at The Corner Cafe here in Marshfield, MA.  We’ve lived here for better than a dozen years, driven by it hundreds and hundreds of times, and never set foot in it until last week.  My husband had gone there between business appointments and came home raving, insisting we all go – ASAP – which meant this morning!  He’s rather like a freight train on these matters, so it’s easier to just give in, you know? Getting 3 teenage girls to breakfast on a Sunday morning by 8am ain’t exactly popular, but we love him, so…

Well, are we glad!  I’m not a big breakfast eater, but he is, so when he says they have a breakfast menu to die for, we pay attention.  Wow!  Really creative but also familiar comfy all at the same time! And big-BIG yummy!  Highly recommended!

It was also another opportunity for us to remember and appreciate anew how lucky we are to live in a New England beach town.  It’s exactly the kind of place people save up for to spend a week’s vacation in the summer, then scatter to the winds and reminisce about “that little place we had breakfast” and how “good it was” and swear they will return.  It is just such a place, right here in my own backyard. Damn!  I’m lucky!

(Over the hill and through the woods… is home.  Just around the bend.)