The Awesomeness of Kaela

I just have to share this, because I’m just so stinking proud of my Kaela-bear.

She has come SO far SO FAST this year. This year OUT of school has given this kid more room to grow and stretch her wings than I could have ever hoped for. To be clear, I’m not knocking school. It was absolutely essential to getting her to this moment. The time, structure, reading, discipline it took to graduate from high school gave her the wings to fly. But that’s the thing, isn’t it? You can get the wings. But whatcha gonna DO with ’em, right?

Well, this kid has SOARED.

First, she got her job at the barn, all on her own. I mean 100%. I had N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do with it. Not a speck, second, jot, or tittle. NOTHING.

You know what she’s done? She’s turned it from a volunteer position to a paid one.

That. Stinking. Kid!

You know what else? SHE’S now training OTHER people how to do THEIR jobs. Yeah. My Kaela. LIKE A BOSS.

How great is this kid?

Then her friend Cassidy invited her to be a part of this musical she was in. (Cassidy is majoring in theater in college in New Hampshire as a freshman this year.)

Damn if that kid didn’t SHINE. She took on FIVE parts, all minor, but FIVE. She had to do costume changes, learn the lyrics, block her place on stage. FIVE. DIFFERENT. PARTS.

She ABSOLUTELY BLEW THE DOORS OFF she was SUCH A NATURAL. That kid has SO MUCH PRESENCE ON STAGE I’m surprised the lightbulbs didn’t shatter. Seriously. I’m not just being her mother here. SHE’S A NATURAL. I could NOT HAVE BEEN MORE PROUD OF HER. We’ve already decided that we’re going to get her into more theater productions. Oh, and this was her first musical ever. She’d never even done theater before, never mind a musical. Not even in high school. Again, I cannot tell you how PROUD I am of her!

Also, she’s been really digging in around the house, without being asked, helping with the kitchen and cleaning up the house and stuff. WITHOUT. BEING. ASKED. I mean… She’s a TEENAGER ferkryssakes. WHAT KIND OF MUTANT CHILD IS THIS???? LOL.

Anyway, I just had to record that for posterity. I’m SO. STINKING. PROUD. OF. MY. KAELA. BEAR!