What's the Over/Under on Obama Golfing this WKND?

I’m watching the W.H. Daily Briefing right now and Carney opened with mention that the weather is gorgeous in D.C., at 6o degrees.  If that holds (and I have no idea what the forecast is, as I am in New England) will it be one, or two rounds of golf this weekend for Bam?

Guess that depends on fundraising commitments.

Frickin' Global-Cooling-Warming-Change-Disruption!

Can we get a little winter in New England please?


A couple of feet?

That stays on the ground more than 12 seconds?

We’ve had one little wiener of a storm and it melted in a day.

If I wanted 50 degrees in January I’d have stayed in San Francisco, dammit!


Thank you.

Rant over.