Bottom Up, Truth Out.


Obama’s first term White House environmental czar, self-described Marxist Van Jones, brought “bottom up” power to post-2009’s popular political lexicon. Basically it means change comes from the bottom, from the masses, forcing the top to their will. There’s a lot of truth to that, 2012-04-04-cnn-startingpoint-vanjones2God knows, but educated ears hear “violent mob” when Van says it, because that is what he means. The underlying principle is sound, however, even if the form it takes in the hands of a Marxist is less than righteous: true power lies with the people, and the people, over the objections of their leaders, can wield it to effect true change.

Well, the people with badges have had enough. By all accounts, the field agents of the FBI are ready to revolt, thus FBI Director Comey’s letter to congress on Friday saying ‘Yeah… Remember when I said under oath that if something juicy came along I’d reboot the Hillary probe? I got a whole truck full o’juicy.’

Left, Cheryl Mills. Right, Huma Abedin

Left, Cheryl Mills. Right, Huma Abedin

Know those 33,000 missing emails? FBI found 650,000 emails on a computer shared by Huma Abedin and her sex pervert husband, Anthony Weiner. Abedin, if you’re unfamiliar, is Hillary’s self-described “second daughter.” Her most trusted aide. Except for Cheryl Mills, who is an attorney, nobody is closer to her than Huma. Huma’s a human pilot fish. Constantly swimming alongside in the sewer of filth Felony Grandma oozes all over the globe.

Well, Friday about noon Comey threw the grenade, then Sunday night the Wall Street Journal dropped the MOAB. Friday we find out Comey’s rebooting the investigation. Sunday we find out it’s because of these newly found 650,000 emails.

Now we wait.

Rich Lowry at NRO pretty well captures the magnitude of it, and I recommend you read it, and follow the embedded link to the WSJ to fill in the details. These are truly historic days, indeed.

The FBI’s Clinton Foundation Probe

By Rich Lowry — October 30, 2016

Violent Tea Party Swarms

If I had a nickel for every one of their 3,500+ arrests…

Whah?  That’s an OWS poster?  Looking like some perverted mash-up of Tiananmen Square & Nazi Germany/Soviet communist propaganda?

Tea Party hasn’t had a single arrest in 2 years but Occupy Wall Street has 3,500 in 2 months?

Tea Party applies for & pays for the proper permits, says their peace, cleans up after themselves, then goes home?  Often leaving places cleaner than they found them and nearly always doing the clean up, from the first, without being told to do it from the stage?

OWS as recently as yesterday urinated in the lobby of a Bank of America branch they “occupied” in San Francisco? OWS has been photographed pooping on a police car? Trampling on an American flag? Raping? Robbing? Even murdering?


But MSNBC spent 18 months saying Tea Party was viole…


They’re propaganda whores for the White House?  Who’s lovin’ this?  Van Jones never really left the Administration?  He’s in their pitchin’ and organizing with Soros money paying all the printing costs, etc. for this whole thing?  It’s “organized chaos” from the top down for the bottom to rise up?

They’re frankly a little aggravated we didn’t do it for ’em?  Which is what they were trying so hard to do all these months?  Make us be the violent mob, but when we wouldn’t they put Van Jones to work?

Who knew?

The "Twenty Years Ago" Standard

Or ‘thirty years.’

Or ‘forty years.’

Obama said his ‘association’ with Bill Ayers didn’t count because what he did, he did 40 years ago.

So that’s the standard; a standard they set, in their own words.  Okay.  Let’s A/B compare this standard on a failed Presidential candidate & the guy who actually got the job.  First, Obama’s ‘guy in the neighborhood,’ and his charming wife:

If you squeal ‘Dig it!’ upon hearing a fork was plunged into Sharon Tate’s bloody corpse’s 8 ½  month pregnant belly as Mrs. Bill Ayers did, you get a free pass. (I’m sorry.  You say that once, something very deep is very broken inside. Permanently. Irretrievably. If I found out someone I knew had celebrated that – once – I’m done. I don’t want anything to do with you. There are too many good people in the world to be friends with. Who needs that toxin?)

If you are directly involved in planning / preparing lethal force / bombs against policemen or members of the Pentagon who you regard as the moral equivalent of ‘terrorists’ and this activity resulted in people being dead, then gleefully – to this day – admit to the press that you are ‘guilty as hell, free as a bird’ but got off on a technicality, you get a free pass.

You can be friendly enough with this person, and regard him with sufficient esteem not just to socialize regularly with him, but to launch your State Senate bid in his house – because somehow, inexplicably, in your mind, this doesn’t reflect badly on you, you get a free pass. (How many people like this do you have in your life?  Have you ever known anyone even remotely this violent?  Would you let your children anywhere near these people?)

These are all facts, reported by U.P.I., The New York Times, and never disputed by any member of the White House.  They have tried to tamp it down, deflect it,  but on the facts, on the merits, they’ve never denied a single thing I stated above.  Never.

But because Pat Buchanan said something stupid once back in the 1980’s, Van Jones organizes a movement to have him lose his job at MSNBC?

Because that’s their claim.  That’s the first thing Color of Change mentions in their complaint; something Pat said 30 years ago.  Something that reasonable people could argue may, or may not have been said with malice.  Not that Pat made bombs.  Not that he thought it was farrrout that Sharon Tate had a fork plunged in her belly… but that he said something, arguably, racially charged. 

That’s it.

THAT matters.  Enough that the free pass press has been locked down.

The failed Presidential candidate, now historian and writer, whose biggest weapon is his opinion has to be vilified and fired, but Obama…

…Who is the President… gets a free pass?

Got it. 

Obama: September is the Start of the S.T.O.R.M.

The Obama Administration announced that there will be no more Obamacare waiver applications accepted after September.

This is his way of telling his community organizers a date certain to raise hell.


Van Jones damned near took the mask all the way off at Netroots this past week. The last time there was a measurable shift in tone and message was the last time these two spoke in newsworthy soundbites in a one-two punch in a 72 hour period.

It’s coming…

…the evil bastards.

pps: sorry I’ve been away from the blog. I’m neck deep in finishing a project, kids on summer vaca, and having thrown my back out…