The D.M.V.’s Cynical Trick = #FAIL

For readers outside The People’s Republic of Massachusetts, let me quickly fill you in: A few years ago, under the guise of “budgetary restraints” our Department of Motor Vehicles decided that they could no longer send email to remind you to renew your driver’s license – ONCE per DECADE.

Mind you, we’re not even talking about a postcard requiring postage, but a stinking EMAIL.  Now, I understand, that the administration of mass emails does require some expense somewhere between .01 and the price of a postage stamp so therefore is not “free,” but good golly… Really? We’re supposed to believe this isn’t yet another in a passive-aggressive progressive “nudge” to remind us all of the wonders of activist government in our lives? (And equally important, MONEY for MA coffers with all those late penalties…)

Mini-Me Deval Patrick treats us here in MA like lab rats for his buddy in D.C. to experiment on so I harbor no doubts whatsoever that this is his little-man-syndrome-misplaced hostility-one laboratory of 50-beaker of bureaucratic boondoggling cynically designed to make us ever more vulnerable to the jack-boot of “Oops! You’re out of compliance, comrade. Come with me… And bring your checkbook, credit cards, and first born…”

These people suck so huge the suckitude measurement cannot be calculated by man.

So I find it rather amusing that everywhere I go recently, as I hand my license over for check writing or at the bank or whatever, that when the person taking down my info notices that my birthday/license expiration is imminent, they call my attention to it.



And it happened again this morning at the bank. It occurs to me that this is a kind of mass uprising of the most neighborly kind. It’s individuals – INDIVIDUALS – saying, in essence, “SCREW YOU BIG BROTHER MAN. We’ll take care of this ourselves and won’t play your nasty little passive aggressive fundraising game. We won’t let ourselves or anyone else get caught out of compliance and we will DENY you your evil little social experiment and the taxpayer dollars you hoped it would generate.”

Neat, huh?

Even here in Commie MA.

Carrots, Cancer & the 91% Tax Rate

It is an article of faith among the veddy, veddy, smaht liberal cognoscenti that the 91% top marginal tax rate is what led – directly – to the building of The Greatest Generation and their Greatest Accomplishments and All that is Great in America.

It is therefore, unsurprising, now that The Boy King has been reinstalled, that they are angling for a return to the glory days of earning 9 cents on the dollar. (Yes, liberals, I’m aware it’s the top marginal rate, not the first $200k, okay?… *Sigh*).

Have these veddy, veddy smaht people never heard of the intellectual head-fake – really, a rookie move – known as confusing/conflating corollaries and causation?  Why pick the 91% tax rate? Why not pick poodle skirts? Fedoras? Everyone wore them at the time so surely that’s what caused our national prosperity, right?

91% of people who get cancer ate carrots, so surely it’s carrots that cause cancer, right?

Pick one: They’re morons or they are lying to you, because it has to be one. If you take it as an article of faith that the veddy, veddy smaht cognoscenti are at least book-read enough to know the data, then you are left with evil – simple, pure, evil lying.


Obama’s new, green, budget director, Mr. Zeints, looks like he wishes took that offer from H&R Block. Watch him SHRINK as this GOP Rep just NAILS him into undercutting the VERY ARGUMENT the Obama Administration is making to the SUPREME COURT in support of ObamaCare, never mind their whole 2012 campaign of class warfare! OMG. It’s BEAUTIFUL.  Really. I need to go have a glass of water and a little nap it made me so happy.


Can Someone Explain?


My goodness but we have lots of cranky libs!  This is not a surprise, per se, but a bit of a surprise that they are so free flowing with their crankitude on my itty-bitty corner of cyberspace.  PLEASE see my SOURCED replies in comments below, in my years long effort to correct lib myths.

Help me, some wicked smaht lib, will ya?

How do you reconcile these seemingly opposing memes from Our Dear Leader:

We don’t want to “punish” success. We simply want to see to it that everyone gets a “fair opportunity at the American Dream” which we describe, in part, as being able to “pay for your children to go to college” and to have the “dignity” of a “secure retirement.”

BUT, this will cost boatloads of money, which, if you “hoard” it, makes you a selfish pr*ck and I will tax your ass back to the stone age… which sounds an awful lot like “punishing” you, right?

So how to make the math work with the rhetoric?  Let’s give it a whack:

Okay – Let’s use the Obamas as an example, since it is a President with the last name Obama who is setting the standard. After all, he wouldn’t be so kingly as to presume that others have less of a dreamy dream than him, right?

Tuition for Malia and Sasha to attend what they regard as the best possible school for them (something the President has said, repeatedly, publicly, is every American child’s “right.”) is $40k per year.

Four years for 2 kids at Sidwell Friends will be $320,000.

If they want to go to Princeton, Columbia, and Harvard like Mom & Dad, all the way, for a J.D. or M.D., that’s another $1,000,000. (Just trust me on this.  I’ve done the math.)

Let’s just round that up to $1.5M because you know that by the time your children actually get there, it’s going to be at least that much. Now, maybe you aren’t the kind of parent who would pay for your child to go all the way to an M.D. or J.D. I know in my own case, my father was not willing to pay for a Masters’ degree for me (I degreed in Professional Writing & Film. Why not become an expert in bat snot on the bottom of Ugg boots in Manhattan in the springtime when the wind blows from the west and go make a living, right?), so not on a professional track and I was just so friggin’ grateful he paid for me to get my B.F.A. it never occurred to me then, nor since, to ever be unhappy about that, but, hey… If you’ve got a kid who can go all the way to be a Harvard M.D. or lawyer, who WOULDN’T want to see that happen, right? So let’s go with it.

Median income in this country is about $60k, give or take, depending on who you talk to or what metric you consult, but let’s just go with it, because it’s a nice easy number to work with.

That’s $5k per month, gross. In order to save $1.5M from the time your little snowflakes are born (let’s say they are twins) until the day they turn 18, you would – EVERY MONTH – have to save (absent compound interest, obviously):


($1.5M / 18 years = $83 333.33 / 12 months = $6,944.44)


I’m just a knucke-dragging neanderthal conservative, but last time I checked, $7k is more than $5k.

Okay. Let’s say you earn that much. Let’s say you earn TWICE that so you can do something other than live in a box while you save for college.

$14k per month is your income, let’s say.

That’s $168,000 per year. You would have to meticulously save 1/2 your income every month for 18 consecutive years to do that. This is not realistic, eh, mon chere?

So, let’s double THAT to $336,000 so we can get your required monthly savings down to a more reasonable 25% of your income. This is still hard, but at least it’s approaching earth.


That would put you WELL over the magic, evil $250k per couple threshold.

Obama wants to tax you Satans-among-us much, Much, MUCH more.

How we gonna send our little snowflakes to Harvard without having to go to the federal government for a handout like Oliver Twist asking “Please sir, may I have some more” unless we get to keep our money without getting it up the wazoo in taxes? Because, remember, the President was kind enough to criminalize private sector school loans when he got the health care bill passed.

And we haven’t even TOUCHED retirement yet.  JUST TUITION.




How does this work?

GOP Candidates MUST Paint the Picture!

Why isn’t American business hiring?  

Because I have to look someone in the eye and shake their hand.  I take my responsibility to pay very seriously.  I’ve got a President swearing up and down he’s going to tax people like me more.  I’ve got a President who said, very matter of factly, that my utilities costs to keep the lights on in my business will ‘necessarily skyrocket.’  He’s a threat to my business.  Until the threat is gone, I’m not going to risk everything I’ve busted my ass for by inviting another man (or woman) to join me on the Titanic if it all sinks in ObAmerica.  No. I’m in survival mode right now.  I’m treading water.

Somebody needs to say that – OVER & OVER AGAIN.