DEMOCRAT on IRS: If truth comes out “Obama’s finished”

Fast forward to about 11:20 on this video of Fox News’ Special Report On-Line from last night. It’s the web-only show after the show that Bret Baier does every Wednesday. They were having a discussion about the virtual media black-out of all things IRS. It was an excellent discussion I recommend you take-in in-full, but the money-quote on why it’s happening is from Democrat Kirsten Powers; I’m paraphrasing but she says ‘If this goes where we think it goes, OBAMA’S FINISHED.’

I can’t remember if anyone hinted at this or not; they may have, but I’ve long been of the opinion that nobody will pursue this because nobody wants to be the one who brought down America’s first black president. Quite apart from all the threats and abuse inquisitive reporters have endured, which have by now been well documented, I really think it’s the race thing. These people are so thoroughly indoctrinated and corrupt they can simultaneously admire Woodward & Bernstein, want to be invited to the same cocktail parties they are invited to, but are utterly lacking in the courage it took them to do the work that makes them A-list cocktail party guests all because the president is… black.

BTW: BIG props to Kirsten for HER courage. It can’t be very pleasant in the circles she runs in right now.  She’s one of the last, few, SANE Democrats left. Still VERY liberal, but willing to give a hairy eye-ball to her own party when it needs it.  Sometimes she can’t see through the growth (!) but I give her a LOT of credit for not being one of the herd.

Obama's "Ill-Concealed Contempt" for America

You know, I love Charles Krauthammer.  I’ve had some beefs with him gettin’ all snotty & establishment Republican lately, but on the whole, I love the guy. (When he sneers, he looks exactly like the cartoon Grinch, doesn’t he?  Weren’t they totally separated at birth?)

I happened to see him say what is excerpted below, live, on Special Report last night and thought then it was pitch-perfect.  Now The Blaze has posted it, along with the video clip, for the same reason.


“No one is asking him to go out there and be a cheerleader. But when you call your own country lazy when you are abroad and call it unambitious and soft when you are home, I think what you are showing is nothing but ill-concealed contempt. Obama is ready to blame everybody except himself for the lousy economy. The lack of investment?  Why are people reluctant to invest? We have the highest corporate tax rate in the world, in the industrialized world. Obama has spoken about it. One issue on which the Republicans would have agreed on is lowering that rate, eliminating the loopholes (and) in three years in office, he has done nothing. Trying to shut down $1 billion plant (Boeing) that was (already) constructed, as a favor to an Obama union ally; people look abroad and say ‘this isn’t a place I want to do business.’ It’s his issues, his overregulation over taxation. All the red tape he has added. Now he blames Americans’ laziness? Unseemly.