Frickin' Global-Cooling-Warming-Change-Disruption!

Can we get a little winter in New England please?


A couple of feet?

That stays on the ground more than 12 seconds?

We’ve had one little wiener of a storm and it melted in a day.

If I wanted 50 degrees in January I’d have stayed in San Francisco, dammit!


Thank you.

Rant over.


It’s snowing in New England in January!

You wouldn’t think this would be a cause for excitement, except it’s the first damned snowstorm we’ve had all stinking winter!

Annie happy.  Kitties curled up by the fire.  Purr.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow… Dammit!

My daughter took this last January.  January of 2011.  When we had an actual New England winter, with big snow my 120 pound golden-bear baby could romp in.

Handsome fella, isn’t he?  That’s Gizmo.  Best dog ever invented in the whole history of dogs, and I don’t think that’s hyperbolic, do you?  I mean… You may have an organism of the canine variety and I understand that you may have similar feelings about him or her, but… Really…

Is s/he this magnificent? 😉

My 110 pound lap dog…

There he is.  Gizmo the Wonderpup, also known as the Fields Family Homeland Security, frolicking in this morning’s snowfall, on school vacation, while indoors, the Pink Mafia, aka, Leigh, Kaela, and Coryne Fields, drive their mother insane…

He was only supposed to be about 70-80 pounds.  He just kept growing, and growing… like Clifford the Big Red Dog “Love makes little things grow…”

He has no concept whatsoever that’s he’s not a chihuahua… Just climbs right up on me with the slightest encouragement….

Oh boy.

Minot Beach, Scituate, MA, New Year's Weekend Storm 2010

Waves are crashing over the seawall and making the coast roads in/out Minot Beach in Scituate flooded and impassable, and it happened quickly.

Some cars went down to the end of Gannet Road, got to Surfside where the water was piling up, and turned tail to go home.

It truly is an exercise in natural selection. “Hey Martha. Look at that wave.” Oopsie. Elmer is never heard from again!

It was snowing when I took this. The beach is about twenty feet down below the top of those rocks. The tide is high, the moon is nearly full, and the winds are whipping. There’s truly a storm on the coast tonight, for sure.

Click to see a larger view, and note the white caps on the horizon line.