“The” Chickens Roosted!

Politico opined:

“President Barack Obama made a big gamble last January when he issued four recess appointments during a three-day break between meetings of the Senate — and with the court ruling Friday broadly undercutting his ability to make such appointments, he may have lost even bigger.”

That’s an understatement!

This ruling was the bitch-slap of all bitch-slaps. Not only did the court rule that Obama’s unprecedented pro-forma recess-not-recess appointments violate the Constitution, they went back and *gasp* read not only *gasp* the Constitution, but *double-gasp* The Federalist Papers! They ruled that not only were the intrasession pro-forma appointments unconstitutional, they ruled that all intrasession appointments are unconstitutional!  Intersession won the day and all because of one little word: “the”. (You can read more about “the” here.)

The White House, The New York Times, and all the usual suspects are in spasms, naturally.  The N.L.R.B., amazingly, and with the White House’s blessing, is blowing it off and continuing their work. And once again, the left is dusting off “Bush did it first!” like that matters. They hate the guy except when his bad behavior justifies theirs. Kindergarten!  Bush, and, in fact, a dozen Presidents have made intrasession appointments. For decades. But no President had ever made a pro-forma appointment. That was uniquely brazen (In addition to the brazen pro-forma part, these appointments hadn’t even been submitted for Senate review. They’d been sitting there. Obama didn’t even go through the motions of starting the Senate review process. Didn’t lift a finger. Didn’t even give the Senate a chance to say no: just blew right past ’em. It’s breath-taking.) But that’s not even the point. The point is, through a dozen Presidents, nobody ever called them on it.

Until yesterday.

Lefties (bless their hearts 🙂 ) will never  learn that just because it’s been done before and gotten away with doesn’t make it right!  Especially when the Constitution is the rule!

Of course, the bonus is, it was Harry Reid who birthed the pro-forma strategy to stop Bush from making “recess” appointments.  Harry & his evil minions got their chickens plucked but good with this one.

The ruling is a work of art, truly, for lovers of originalist interpretation.  You can read it below or here.

Noel Canning v. NLRB by

Hear Me Roar!

Mary Jo White

“At a short White House ceremony, President Obama named Mary Jo White, the first female United States attorney in Manhattan, to run the Securities and Exchange Commission. Mr. Obama also renominated Richard Cordray as the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a position he has held for the last year under a temporary recess appointment without Senate approval.”

I regard it as proper & healthy to be deeply skeptical of all of Obama’s appointments, but I confess to a certain charm in this one.  I read this passage (below) on the petite woman in red in the photo and I was had.  Utterly had:


“While former employees described her as ‘no nonsense,’ she was often spotted sipping a Bud Light at a weekly social gathering for junior prosecutors. And despite being barely 5 feet tall, she also was an exuberant point guard in a local lawyers’ basketball league, and once arrived at a tennis match on a red motorcycle, while Helen Reddy’s ‘I Am Woman’ blared loudly.”


My kind of woman!


The Boy King's Bigger Britches

Obama has made another power grab – making a recess appointment of Richard Cordray to the CFPB when the Senate isn’t in recess – which is shocking – Not for it’s brazenness, because he’s racked up a few of those, but for its timing, for two reasons:

1. His media team gets a gold star for doing this the day after the Iowa caucus.  They’re adding to their low-rent, poorly executed, utterly childish internet town-hall thing they did last night for 200 locations in Iowa last night, in a shameless demonstration of spotlight hogging that will no-doubt continue to increase in intensity and classlessness throughout election season.

2. His media team must have internal polling that tells them it would make him look butch, not tyrannical.  It’s hard for me, as someone who reveres our system of checks and balances as divinely inspired, to see it that way, but if you are uneducated or embrace Chicago thuggery, I guess that’s a good way to go.  Unhappily, there are so many “American Idol” type voters out there, it will likely play to his base, but ewww… Seems Chavez to me…