It’s Not Often…

Leigh at barn PRIVATE

…My kids bring tears to my eyes, but this is one of those times.

I look at this picture of my oldest daughter Leigh and I tear up. I am so proud of her I could bust. That’s not even her horse. She just works at the barn. But she loves all the horses like they are hers, and this is the second time in as many weeks she has worked all day – and I mean ALL DAY – then gone back until WELL AFTER MIDNIGHT to care for an ailing horse. There have been a few times in my life when I have been so proud of my kids that it actually brought tears to my eyes and this is one of them. I’m always proud of them, of course, because despite their mother, they are just the most lovely young women, but sometimes it just breaks my heart what good kids they are, and this is one of those times. God Love you Leigh, because surely your Mom and Dad do!

NOTE:  Be sure to note the message from “Rita.”  Rita is her boss, who is currently in Florida.  Could I ask for a better boss for my baby?