My 14 Year Old Daughter Wrote This

My baby wrote this. Okay, okay, she’s only 2 minutes younger than her twin sister, but still, she’s my baby and I’m blown away by her talent. I know it’s full of flowery youth, but oh, what a lovely place to start!

“Where I’m From”
Coryne Fields

I am from wires and blinking lights
From the hands that could never close around her mother’s finger
I am from the never ending work my father does every day,
off to save the world, as we see it
I am from the way the ocean and the sand meet
Gracefully sewn together by the stones it’s created
From the eight years that resides there
The best years a puppy with big paws could ever hold
I am from the smell of leather off a brand new saddle
From the water buckets and the flakes
To the ‘V’ behind a horses ears
I am from the teardrops on the pages of a good book
From the shows I watch to the music I love
I am from the sound of rain, and the smell of the petrichor
From the snow days accompanied by hot chocolate and a fireplace to sit by
I am from the ridiculous thing called life
We are all from this place
So I’m from times of sadness halted by the realization of time
I am from healing
I am from my silly little family on our silly little hill
From the dumbest cat, and his sister, the most narcissistic but adorable cat on this planet
From an old soul who loved his life
To our healer, a rescue;
Because that’s what our old soul would want us to do
But I, and we, are from anything but tragedy
Because nothing is beautifully tragic
It’s just tragic
But I, and we, are from hope.
We are from pure happiness.
We are from fortitude.
And we love it here.