Smooth Insomnia

Up in the middle of the night again.

Gosh I love menopause-induced insomnia… not.

Actually, there’s a lot about it I love, weirdly.  I enjoy the solitude & the quiet.  With Leigh homeschooling now I am rarely alone, so that part of my nightowl routine is nice, but egad, it wrecks me for the next day.  Ah well.

Anyway, I tuned into the Phil Hendrie show pre-show video cast and he’s been stuck on this rant about the radio business the last several times I’ve caught it and it brought me back.  Straight down memory lane.  So I did a web archive search for WJJZ.

Whadda ya know.  It’s out there ->

It had the jingle, too!  And it’s just like I remember!  We had wicked cool jingles (most of the time – we had a few misses here and there, but mostly they were very, very, very cool, like this one featuring Al Jarreau, who, for the record, was neither particularly liked/disliked by me, but he just did a wicked good job on our jingles!).

WJJZ Al Jarreau Voiced Jingle

Sometimes I miss those days so much it aches.  I miss how much I loved it.  I miss how much fun it was.  I truly loved the music we played.  Our little station went from being just another SJ outlet to being one of the most respected, and certainly one of the highest rated ones, and at the time, Philly was the #4 or #5 market – I can’t remember which, and, in fact, it may have been both.  Anyway… with Janie in promotions, Ann programming, and Michael & Me & Desiree, and Frank!  Oh Frank!  Frank Childs doing our production and being our “utility” guy filling in everywhere and doing everything and doing it all with such expertise and good humor, we were a very special team.  Very, very, VERY special. It was one of those happy coincidences in life when exactly the right people were doing exactly what they were born to do at exactly the right moment in time.  I haven’t had as magical a professional experience before or since and I doubt, surely at this point in my life, that I ever will again.

When I left, in the spring of 1998, I was pregnant with the twins.  I knew what I was giving up.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  I made the right decision and would do it again… but man… those were golden days.  Hard.  There were some very, very hard days, but damn.  Good, golden days.


AFTERTHOUGHT:  I had to come back and insert a favorite memory I’ve talked about repeatedly over the years.  At one of our last station functions, a circle of us did $17 per shot tequila… TEN of us.  THREE rounds.  On Ann’s expense account. These were the go-go ’90’s when money was falling out of the sky, everybody had expense accounts, and life was very, very good financially.

*double sigh*


$25 Million OBL/UBL Reward


I’m up in the middle of the night, listening to Phil Hendrie, who, quite apart from having a red sea of flags about his psychiatric health, is a uniquely gifted radio performer. Having spent 20 years on the air, not doing any heavy lifting at all (music) I really, really respect genuine talent in talkers. Wow.

He’s having one of his fake phone call things he does with himself debating the disposition of the $25 million dollar reward for the capture/killing of Osama Bin Laden. Rep. Weiner is set to propose a bill giving it to first responders. My understanding was that they were taken care of in previous legislation. The families have all been compensated by now as well.

Set up college funds for the children of the Seals and call it a day. This was a uniquely dangerous mission, and from what I understand, they did not know what ‘high value target’ they were getting until it was time to go. I have no idea how this would impact the paradigm of payment to our men & women in uniform, so there may be some unintended consequence of this I just haven’t thought through. I don’t care. Give it to their children so they can afford $40k per year like Bam-Bam does x2 for the girls at Sidwell Friends. From what I understand, top level pay for these guys is only around $58k, so, krymannee.

‘Lil Seal College Fund is my vote.