Ben Carson and The Party of Slavery

American Thinker has yet another brilliant piece.  This time it was inspired by the schadenfreude arising from The Left’s Ugly Hatred of Ben Carson as observed by a writer new to me, one Peter Heck.

You see, from a Tea Party perspective, the Democrats have never changed.  They’re exactly the same party as they were 200+ years ago.  They still believe the black man can’t survive without the white man.  Then, it was a place to live, some food to eat, and a job to do in the form of slavery.  Now, it’s government housing, food stamps, and a jobs program in the form of the government plantation.  In exchange then, as now, they expect absolute fealty. Then in the form of forced labor until you drop dead, now in the form of a vote for your sustenance until you drop dead.

What the hell’s the difference?  Just because it’s been made more palatable doesn’t make it any less evil or paternalistic.  The Democrat impulse to control people’s lives burns just as brightly now as it did then, only now it’s even better: they get to spend other people’s money to do it.  No crop failures for Nancy Pelosi to worry about, oh no…

So herewith are some excerpts from Mr. Heck’s excellent piece, though I heartily recommend you read it in its entirety.

It’s a small man who delights in the misfortune of others, but I can’t help myself. As much as I regret that he is being forced to deal with (it)… I am having a blast watching the left try to deal with Dr. Ben Carson… Liberals are having to come to grips with the reality that Carson is a legitimate contender. And it isn’t going over well.

Why? First, it proves that the annoying habit liberals have exhibited the last seven years of shoving their fingers in their ears and screaming “racist” at any person who opposed the presidency of Barack Obama… (Republicans don’t) mind electing a black president at all -– they just haven’t enjoyed a socialist one.

But the rise of Carson stirs a more primal reaction on the left that shouldn’t be ignored… As the party of big government social welfare spending, liberals have enacted policies that have locked blacks in (all manner of) failing (civic institutions)… Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are disciples of leftist icon Saul Alinsky. It was Alinsky who articulated the strategy that in order to control a group of people they, “must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and chance the future.” While gutting the black community with their policies, Democrats have managed to successfully portray themselves as that group’s only hope. …

The only thing that upends such a diabolical electoral scheme is the emergence of a self-made member of the oppressed group… Ben Carson, a man born into the crucible of inner-city strife, but who escaped the cycle of poverty intended for him to become a brilliant neurosurgeon.  Carson’s message of a smaller government, self-reliance and Christian faith offer a stark contrast to the grievance mongering, victim mentality that’s been force fed to blacks for decades by Democrats…

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has decided they don’t really want all “colored people” to advance –- just the ones with liberal politics. They’ve even declined to condemn racist slurs hurled at Carson. … When you come to believe that a person must think a certain way simply because of their skin color, and you despise them when they don’t, you are the one with the race problem. That is the uncomfortable truth Ben Carson’s candidacy is revealing, and it’s why the left will stop at nothing to destroy him.


"Target" BAD vs. "Molotov Cocktail" GOOD?

Language and graphics every modern politician – “target” a district, etc. – used before the Giffords’ shooting, were instantly ascribed to Tea Party Patriots who were then, by extension, roundly, universally blamed for the Giffords shooting.

Every single Democrat who asserted this inanity can be found, on the record, in public, using these “target” terms since.  It took about a month for them to slip back into the jargon – which, to rational adults, is normal and unharmful!  It is as unharmful now as it was before the Giffords shooting.

Compare this, now, to OWS literally threatening to throw a molotov cocktail into Macy’s in lower Manhattan.

*Crickets* from OWS’ House Mama “God bless them” Pelosi, et. al.  Pelosi, who also has “heard this kind of hateful rhetoric before.”  Ditto the Congressional Black Caucus.

Joe Biden, speaking to a union crowd just the other day gave them an “atta-boy” for “firing the first shot!”

Never-mind the deafening silence from “the cops acted stupidly” Obama!

Add in the rampant anti-semitism, endorsement of violence, and violent revolution – not on the fringes but – permeating the movement and…

Hello?  How can the press sleep at night?  If for no other reason, one might think the New York ones would have their primal, survival instinct kick in and want to protect their children by reporting the truth.

I just don’t get it.

Drudge Hits it Out of the Park!

Gotta love that flamboyant blogger from F-L-A dontcha????  LOOK at these pictures side by side!

Drudge 3pix alike

There’s not a penny’s worth of difference among them.  Okay… Achmed Whackajob never got Botox and Pelosi wouldn’t be caught dead with all those po’ folk on the South Side of Chicago, but other than that and a good tailor, what the hell’s the difference?  They’re even sequential, if you read from right to left, which is perfect since their propaganda has done a complete 180 on everyone’s grasp of what we know is true about America!

Consider:  1. Pelosi is a proud Catholic and really believes her Progressive policies jive with her religious beliefs.  She just doesn’t know yet that she’s on a sure train to Hell that would take all of us with her.

2.  Obama is a proud Liberation Theologian who really believes his Progressive policies jive with his religious beliefs and he’s right.  He DOES know that he’s on a fast moving train because of his faith-based, religion-rooted policies, believes it will be fine for him and the people he regards as deserving of reprieve, but the rest of us can go straight to Hell, including death, and really, what the hell is wrong with that?

3. Whackajob is a fully cooked Mahdi-waiting loon who has no problem whatsoever with using religion as law and we can all go to hell.

See?  The difference is just a matter of degrees.  Pelosi doesn’t yet know she’s going to the train station, Obama’s on the train, and Whackajob in the dark, deep middle of it… waiting for the Mahdi on the other side.


American Progressivism, Further Reading and Impressions…

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m reading American Progressivism in an effort to understand what Hillary Clinton proclaimed that she, and so many others are: “early twentieth century progressive.”  

My hope was, and continues to be, that I will be able to use their own words to “hang” them, as it were, and reveal them to be the anti-constitutionalists they are, but I’m finding that this will be no small task… They’re a clever bunch.  They’re extremely “circumspect” (I’m being generous here) about their intentions and the displaying of their propaganda.  “Soundbites” are few and far between.  Quick one liners, good red meat to sink your teeth into and say, “Ah!  There it is!” are few.  And even when you find them, I can hear the shrieking, “You took it out of context!”

Back in the ’10’s and ’20’s, Americans had a much longer attention span and their speeches and writings show it.  It takes them ten paragraphs to say what a modern ideologue would take a sentence or two to impart.  And further, it really requires a full and fair reading of those ten paragraphs to capture the full weight and import of the really evil things they are asserting in the guise of compassion for the downtrodden.

These are smart, evil people.  I don’t know how anyone who purports to love our founding principles can self-identify as a “progressive.”

I fear this won’t end well.