Tea Party Flags vs. OWS Masks

I chuckled, bitterly, when I saw Time magazine’s 2011 year-end issue (see below) featuring OWS, remembering that in 2009’s year-end issue – the year OWS’s predecessor / polar-opposite Tea Party was born & became a cultural phenomenon – Time magazine made no mention of them.  Zero.  Zip. Nada.  An astonishing omission, for a “news” magazine, truly.

Remember:  Tea Party = 0 arrests.  OWS = 4,500+

Tea Party is the first movement in the history of human-kind to take to the streets to demand their leaders give them less.  Think about that.  They have been 100% peaceful, leaving the public spaces they obtained & paid for permits to gather on, cleaner than when they arrived.

OWS is out there leaving literally tons of filth & trash, pooping on police cruisers, pooping on people’s front steps, committing acts of violence, vandalism, and rape, putting small businesses out of business, marching past billionaire hedge fund George Soros’ Manhattan townhouse on their way to terrorize the wives & children in Republican hedge fund Manhattan townhouses, causing all kinds of mayhem, disruption, and even scaring little children just trying to get to school…

And Time decides that between the two, OWS is worthy of a cover? Really?

Does this visage look American to you?  Like mom, baseball, and apple pie?  Or more like jihadi, machete, and fear?

Why are they masked? Why hasn’t anyone in the mainstream media asked that question? OWS wears bandanas or these weird “Guy Falkes” masks – which are seriously creepy and not exactly warm-fuzzy-friendly, y’know?

Even if they wore “facial attire” that was “friendly” the simple fact that they feel compelled to hide their faces is indicative of shame, which is indicative of malice of intent.  You don’t stop and buy a mask before a spontaneous act for which you could be adjudged “innocent by reason of temporary insanity.”  Buying a mask or tying a cloth around your face shows pre-meditation, planning, and thought.  Tying it around your face and not, say, your neck like an adornment, or even your arm in a show of solidarity of some sort, shows that you want to remain anonymous in this bad thing you have been thinking about doing out in public…

Tea Party have been mocked for being a bunch of old fat white guys, and gals, on Social Security and waving flags.

I ask you: Would you rather have your 16 year old daughter spend a Saturday night with Tea Party or the person on this magazine cover?


I found some more really scary Tea Party pix here. (I have no idea who these folks are.  Their pix are a good representation of the Tea Party as it really is, not as the media says it is, that’s all!)

To Know the Truth of a Thing…

…sometimes all you have to do is flip it around.

Replace “OWS” with “Tea Party” and ask yourself – Who are the “domestic terrorists”?

How do Tea Partiers at town hall meetings, clutching printouts of legislation they’ve read, losing their temper with the congressman who signed off on it, who did not read it, get called “rubes” and “violent,” etc. when OWS, in the public square, clutching signs advocating revolution (vs. restoration) of the Republic, possessing an alarmingly perverted understanding of basic, American civics, and who feel free to poop on cop cars & people’s front steps, get warm-fuzzies from the media as the “best among us” as Van Jones described them on MSNBC?

Alan Colmes robustly & monolithically defended them, as recently as yesterday, when they’ve racked up well north of 3,000 arrests, and have, in every city, not just a few, but every city, caused mayhem, harm, vandalism, and even little school kids to be so scared of them they made them cry(!), and he & like-minded Democrats are still insisting it’s “infiltrators” doing the bad stuff…  just the”fringe”

Sarah Palin cracks a loud FART in Alaska, and MSNBC is wall-to-wall she aimed at it at poor black people, and ate tacos the night before so it could kill the ozone just that much more on it’s way there – then based on that thin gruel, they and NBC / CBS / ABC / PBS / CNN / NYT / WashPo / HuffPo, etc. deem THAT PROOF CERTAIN that ALL TEA PARTY ARE VIOLENT, RACIST, IGNORANT RUBES.

Again, I ask you:  RAISING YOUR VOICE.  HOLDING A SIGN. That’s the moral equivalent of what OWS has done?  I regard this movement as little more than domestic terror!  (Just replace “OWS” with “Tea Party” and ask yourself…) People are scared. They’re being physically, emotionally, and financially harmed by them. That’s not 1st amendment.  First amendment is showing up, saying your peace, and leaving a place like you found it.

Me?  I believe my lyin’ eyes…

…and the police reports, and the signs, and the filth, disease, rape, violence, theft, fear…

Pick!  Quick!  Your 16 year old daughter wants to go out on Saturday night to OWS or a Tea Party meeting. PICK.

Yeah… Thought so.

Bloodless Waters

When asked about the rapes, assaults and even murders at various OWS encampments, Rep. Maxine Waters’ reaction was an utterly bloodless, “That’s life.”

I want you to think about that.

Really, really think about that.

If this is how she feels about people involved with a movement full of people on “her” side ideologically – What amounts to a shoulder shrug & “Eh” – to RAPE & MURDER…

…HOW ENTHUSIASTIC DO YOU THINK SHE’LL BE ABOUT COMING TO YOUR AID?  If you are Tea Party and the only legal authority still standing after all this chaos, is populated by people like Maxine Waters?

You really wanna ask her for mercy?  For help?  Protection?  When she just shrugs her f*cking shoulders at the RAPE & MURDER of PEOPLE SHE LIKES?

OWS's Excellent Adventure: Crapping Across America

“Excellent Adventure: Crapping Across America,” subtitle: OWS Police Overtime Crushing Muni Budgets”

We can’t afford this.

When will the President speak up and exhort OWS to exercise their 1st amendment rights in such a way that the coffers of municipalities across America, already gravely strained, aren’t depleted to the point of affecting public safety / essential services for others – who aren’t having an Excellent Adventure: Crapping Across America, and might have a genuine emergency?


That’s the plan?

Cloward & Piven?

Oh, yeah.  Right.

Remember:  Tea Party always paid their bills.  Always.  They always added to municipal coffers by paying for the proper permits, then cleaning up after themselves – not crapping in public.

And not a single arrest.   Zero.  Zip.  Nada.