DEMOCRAT on IRS: If truth comes out “Obama’s finished”

Fast forward to about 11:20 on this video of Fox News’ Special Report On-Line from last night. It’s the web-only show after the show that Bret Baier does every Wednesday. They were having a discussion about the virtual media black-out of all things IRS. It was an excellent discussion I recommend you take-in in-full, but the money-quote on why it’s happening is from Democrat Kirsten Powers; I’m paraphrasing but she says ‘If this goes where we think it goes, OBAMA’S FINISHED.’

I can’t remember if anyone hinted at this or not; they may have, but I’ve long been of the opinion that nobody will pursue this because nobody wants to be the one who brought down America’s first black president. Quite apart from all the threats and abuse inquisitive reporters have endured, which have by now been well documented, I really think it’s the race thing. These people are so thoroughly indoctrinated and corrupt they can simultaneously admire Woodward & Bernstein, want to be invited to the same cocktail parties they are invited to, but are utterly lacking in the courage it took them to do the work that makes them A-list cocktail party guests all because the president is… black.

BTW: BIG props to Kirsten for HER courage. It can’t be very pleasant in the circles she runs in right now.  She’s one of the last, few, SANE Democrats left. Still VERY liberal, but willing to give a hairy eye-ball to her own party when it needs it.  Sometimes she can’t see through the growth (!) but I give her a LOT of credit for not being one of the herd.



Mere possession of a high-capacity gun clip is illegal in Washington D.C. where Meet the Press is filmed. Despite this, host David Gregory all but dared D.C. Police to arrest him in a segment last Sunday on the shootings in Newtown, CT.

I hadn’t blogged on this, but in light of this report in Politico this morning, I must:


“…NBC was told by the Washington, D.C., police that it was ‘not permissible’ to show a high-capacity gun magazine on air before Sunday’s ‘Meet the Press,’ according to a statement Wednesday from the cops.
‘NBC contacted [the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department] inquiring if they could utilize a high capacity magazine for their segment,’ Gwendolyn Crump, a police spokeswoman, said in an email. ‘NBC was informed that possession of a high capacity magazine is not permissible and their request was denied…'”

I had refrained from comment because I felt that – despite my visceral distaste for the man – bringing the full force of the law down on him would be an abuse of discretion. I felt that he deserved a good scare, for sure, so that he and others in the Ruling Class were chastened – however futile the cause – back a bit from their own unearned self-regard.
But knowing that they asked, were denied and did it anyway changes everything.  They could have just as easily used b-roll to make the point. It was utter arrogance to do the segment as aired and for that, for knowing defiance of the law, he should ABSOLUTELY be prosecuted.
Book ’em Danno.

Oooh Baby! What are you wearing?


I think I’m in love!

Former White House Press Corps members B*TCH SLAP the current White House Press Corps! I need to lean on one elbow and have a cigarette now…

…You go read the article, darling.

Veteran Journalists: Today’s White House Reporters Are Too Timid

NYT FINALLY Waking Up to the Reality of "Death Panels"

Medicare Panel Runs Into Bipartisan Opposition –

April 19, 2011

Obama Panel to Curb Medicare

Finds Foes in Both Parties


WASHINGTON — Democrats and Republicans are joining to oppose one of the

most important features of President Obama’s new deficit reduction plan, a

powerful independent board that could make sweeping cuts in the growth of

Medicare spending.

Mr. Obama wants to expand the power of the 15-member panel, which was… (click link above to read more)