Has Obama Lost MIKA?

You’ll forgive me for having watched this 2 minute clip featured by The Washington Free Beacon with the SOUND OFF, as it’s been YEARS since I could physically tolerate the sound of The One, much less Lil’ Mika & her two silicone brains, but WOW:  MSNBC’s Morning Joe committed a RARE act of journalism assembling the Sgt. “I know nothing” Schultz pattern of this administration.

Has Obama lost MIKA?  It is the end of the world.

CAIN UP – MSNBC's Mika's Audible SIGH

Quinnipiac – which is really a toilet paper pollster, but hey, it’s the latest and it upsets MSNBC so let’s have a look – in polling taken since the the slanderous allegations hatched out of Axelrod’s Chicago apartment house took off, have Cain UP in crucial swing states. (Human Events had a damning article last night on the unbelievable ‘coincidences’ vis-a-vis Axe & Herman.  Sorry I don’t have it linked here.  Please Google it.)

When Politico was briefing Mika on Cain’s continued support, thus, how nobody is buying thier bullsh*t anymore, there was an audible off-camera sigh.

Po’ Mika.  Can’t slander with impunity anymore, can you? It’s a b*tch having the axis of evil now that you didn’t have 15 years ago – Internet/Talk Radio/Fox – isn’t it, cupcake?

Raw poll data is here.  Haven’t seen it integrated into Real Clear yet, and haven’t seen any analysis of it yet, but you can peruse it cold… and smile.

What "R" & "D" Mean to OWS

If all the rich lefties on television think Occupy Wall Street isn’t a dangerous roving mob, they’d better wake up.  Rapidly.

They’re not animated by ‘D’ for ‘Democrat.’  They’re not going to mob-walk to rich Republicans’ Manhattan townhouses while walking past George Soros’ townhouse forever.  They’re just targeting the ‘least-friendlies’ first.

They’re animated by ‘Rage.’  That’s the ‘R’ we all need to worry about.

Obama’s fixed-pie demagoguery has worked.  They really believe that because Bill Gates made $100,000 in interest just while sleeping last night, they are $100,000 poorer.

Marxism’s evil really is beautiful, isn’t it?  You have to admire it.

Yeah… Well, the Marxist OWS cheerleaders on MSNBC may well be ‘admiring’ it while dialing 911 for a ‘pig’ to come clear their front door of the OWS mob when they show up for their ‘fair share.’  Here’s a clue, kids:  Your Manhattan doorman might save you in New York, but they know where your country house is, too.

Let me help you, Mika, etc.  Walking out on the front porch and saying, ‘But…  but… I like you!  I’m one of you.’ doesn’t change the their lyin’ eyes.  You’re not one of them. You have stuff they want and it’s only fair they take it.

Got it?

EASY Prediction for Ya, 'Lil Mika!

 Poor Mika Brzezinski.

She and Morning Joe are falling all over themselves trying to make a story out of the the nothing-burger* Herman Cain story by attacking HOW he is answering the questions, with no self-awareness of how they went to bat for Anthony Weiner who tweeted pictures of his hard d*ck to a college girl – when he had just found out his wife was expecting their first child, no less – just a few months ago, and you know what?

One week from today there will be polls showing the standings nearly unchanged AND fundraising for Cain UP (when we get money reports – which don’t have to be filed until the end of the quarter, but I’ll bet we get some anecdotal / tangential testimony to that effect).

Remember where you read it first 😉

BTW:  It’s a family joke that my husband makes a lousy philanderer because the first thing he does is talk about his wife.  He’ll be alone at a bar out on the road having dinner or something and that’s the first thing he’ll do!  (Being a salesman, he’ll talk to a post, anyone who will stand still long enough to listen!  Happily, he’s charming!) But it’s funny that Herman Cain’s big deal involves him remarking on the height of the woman in question – by comparing it to his wife’s!

*Remember, so far we have a girl who was ‘offended’ by ‘non-sexual’ ‘gestures’ and got a fly-swatter of a payment of ‘five figures’ which means, I am betting, she was an uptight, angry, humorless b*tch looking for a payout, made a fuss, and got a quick $10-$50k to please just shut the f*ck up and go away… I mean, please!  Who among us has not worked with someone, more than one someone, like this!  There have been zero allegations of any sexual touching or private parts being exposed or threats to do something or elseNone of that – which would, in my mind, constitute an authentic charge which should be taken very seriously, indeed.  And let me be clear – if Herman did any of that – My bad, we’re done, my support for him is over, but I’d bet my house he didn’t.  There’s nothing in his history, story, behavior, testimony from long-time colleagues, that would indicate that kind of evil exists in him.  Okay?

Mika Fomenting Greed Violence

 Morning’s Joe’s opening segment thus far, 6:09am Eastern is not only wrong, but DANGEROUS.

The rich getting richer, ‘the wealth gap’, is a DANGEROUS CANARD.

The richer getting richer being institutionalized as a ‘problem’ foments a kind of ‘take it’ envy DANGEROUS in a crowd.

Lucky for us, such crowds are few.  Whah?  OWS everywhere?  ’Eat the rich’ signs everywhere?


I’m not suggesting we should curtail their speech a syllable, but let me prove my point that ‘all boats rise’ as the President says (Even though he doesn’t have a clue what that phrase really means.). Actually, just to really drive the point home, we’ll open with what happens when a boat sinks and brings everyone down with it:


When the mob forces the issue to get their ‘fair share,’ you get Detroit.  Or put another way, when you ‘steal’ from the rich to artificially prop up the wages of the ‘poor’ the rich LEAVE.  And take their money with them.  Unions wage thuggery & other Democratic favorite policies KILLED the Motor CIty and EVERYBODY HONEST KNOW IT.  It’s a ‘shining’ example of 50+ years of nearly 100% Democrat rule in action.


Bill Gates being insanely wealthy, helps or hurts Redmond Washington & its suburbs full of contractors, dry cleaners, small biz owners…?  Never mind Microsoft’s employees, and their houses, and economic activity.


If he left, what would happen to their economy?

Let me help you.  It’s sort of a trick question.  

Q: What would happen if Bill Gates left Redmond, Washington?

A: It would become DETROIT!

What do these OWS & New World Order babies like lil’ Mika think the rich will do once the angry mob shows up for their ‘fair share’?  Hmm?

Maybe we should take Mika’s own father’s suggestion and get the addresses & charitable giving records of all the rich so we can mob their homes if we, as a mob, adjudge they are ‘selfish’… 

How much did you give to The Home for Little Wanderers last year, Mika?  Wounded Warriors?


Would you like the MOB on YOUR LAWN?  Scaring your two teenage daughters like they did to that bank executive’s 13 year old son, home alone in Maryland last year when 300 SEIU thugs mobbed his lawn?