MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Left these Clips on Floor

Maddow Madhatters cowering under their green cotton sustainable forest beds after being propagandized into believing that Tea Party ready to commit acts of domestic terrorism like Tim McVeigh. She didn’t have any proof to support those assertions but the sheeeeeeple belieeeeeeeved she did. Guess she forgot this:

What about Biden Taking Credit FOR IRAQ????????????????????

UPDATE:  I posted the (black) text below several hours ago and then it occurred to me:  Joe Biden was on Larry King last night saying that Iraq will be a crowning achievement (or words to that effect) of the Obama administration.


They TRASHED the war.  TRASHED the surge.  OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.  If Joe had had his way Iraq would have been balkanized.  WHAT THE???????  

It’s BREATHTAKING, their hypocrisy, really.  Gee, you think Ms. Rachel will run clip after clip of her boys trashing the war just like the video above?  I would BET MY HOUSE she will not.

There are some assertions here I could bicker with, but Maddow makes a compelling case for GOP hypocrisy here.  It’s TERRIBLE television.  I mean REALLY boring.  No wonder their ratings s*ck, but she makes her case… But I must respond to her “party of no” assertions this way:

Just because they’re hypocrites doesn’t make them wrong but they SHOULD be voted OUT OF OFFICE… And if they vote no against something of Obama’s I would wager because it increases rather decreases the role of government in our lives and/or increases the debt, so on those grounds, I’m all for it, but holding up checks for money they voted against?  She’s right.  Wildly hypocritical and grounds for voting them out of office.

The reason so many of us are watching Scott Brown and Sarah Palin so closely is that so far they’ve told the TRUTH and have the COURAGE OF THEIR CONVICTIONS.

All these hacks in Maddow’s piece holding up checks representing funds they voted against should be ashamed of themselves.  That’s not to suggest that I think the stimulus was a good idea… I don’t.  I think TAX CUTS could have resulted in far more sustainable growth and NOT impoverished our nation even further than it already is.  Can you imagine how much money would start moving through the economy if we gave SIGNIFICANT tax breaks to employers and a SIGNIFICANT payroll tax cut?  OMG.  Know how I know it would work?  BECAUSE EVERY TIME IT’S BEEN TRIED IT HAS WORKED.  Let me repeat that.


Oh, and one other thing:  I wonder if Maddow will take Obama to task for his “read my lips” moment when he said he’s “agnostic” on the subject of taxing incomes less than 250k…