The D.M.V.’s Cynical Trick = #FAIL

For readers outside The People’s Republic of Massachusetts, let me quickly fill you in: A few years ago, under the guise of “budgetary restraints” our Department of Motor Vehicles decided that they could no longer send email to remind you to renew your driver’s license – ONCE per DECADE.

Mind you, we’re not even talking about a postcard requiring postage, but a stinking EMAIL.  Now, I understand, that the administration of mass emails does require some expense somewhere between .01 and the price of a postage stamp so therefore is not “free,” but good golly… Really? We’re supposed to believe this isn’t yet another in a passive-aggressive progressive “nudge” to remind us all of the wonders of activist government in our lives? (And equally important, MONEY for MA coffers with all those late penalties…)

Mini-Me Deval Patrick treats us here in MA like lab rats for his buddy in D.C. to experiment on so I harbor no doubts whatsoever that this is his little-man-syndrome-misplaced hostility-one laboratory of 50-beaker of bureaucratic boondoggling cynically designed to make us ever more vulnerable to the jack-boot of “Oops! You’re out of compliance, comrade. Come with me… And bring your checkbook, credit cards, and first born…”

These people suck so huge the suckitude measurement cannot be calculated by man.

So I find it rather amusing that everywhere I go recently, as I hand my license over for check writing or at the bank or whatever, that when the person taking down my info notices that my birthday/license expiration is imminent, they call my attention to it.



And it happened again this morning at the bank. It occurs to me that this is a kind of mass uprising of the most neighborly kind. It’s individuals – INDIVIDUALS – saying, in essence, “SCREW YOU BIG BROTHER MAN. We’ll take care of this ourselves and won’t play your nasty little passive aggressive fundraising game. We won’t let ourselves or anyone else get caught out of compliance and we will DENY you your evil little social experiment and the taxpayer dollars you hoped it would generate.”

Neat, huh?

Even here in Commie MA.


OVERHEARD in the NYT Comments Editorial Cubicle, where they screen incoming Reader Comments before they publish them:

(Dial tone. Ring.) ‘Hello? Hi. It’s Jane down in Comments. Look, we’ve had this ‘Mass Health Reform Doesn’t S*ck No Matter What the Critics Say’ up on the website taking comments for a while and I can’t find a single one I can publish. What? What’s wrong with them? Well, sir, they all say we’re full of sh*t. Who? Well, sir, they’re all from Massachusetts… (silence… waiting… *sigh*) Okay. I’ll just shut her down with 0 Reader Comments.’

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Minot Beach, Scituate, MA, New Year 2010 Storm Video

Huzzzband got a new Flip video from tha wife (that’s me) for Christmas. Usually, he has this unbelievably-make-your-hair-hurt habit of taking long, long takes of things that don’t move, which is excruciating in a way that only a wife can truly understand, but on this day, he got it right. Things moving. Lotsa things moving. Snowflakes. Wind. Waves. Lotsa. For locals, this was right at the end of Gannet Road. Surfside and Bailey’s Causeway were already flooding…