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It’s been a while since I’ve written. Lots going on. Most of it VERY good. In no particular order:

–Kaela has been ROCKING it. That kid has gone on a personal fitness crusade and Take-Care-0f-Kaela crusade (with a little help from mum) and MAN has she been hard core! She’s lost (what one barn lady described as) “a sh*t-ton of weight”! She’s doing it right, in moderation and with exercise so no worries there. She’s just taking good care of herself, and that’s awesome.

One of the horse’s Kaela cares for. She sent it to me with the text “Look at that face!” LOL.

At the other barn where she works, she’s had a one or two hiccups that were pretty serious (nothing serious-serious, but serious enough) and I mention that only because it’s not just that’s she doing great at her job, she’s doing great at RECOVERING from some MISTAKES she’s made at her job which says (to borrow a phrase;) “sh*t-ton” about her! It’s one thing to be good at your job. It’s next-level to recover exceedingly well from mistakes at your job. I couldn’t be more proud of her, and happily, her boss feels the same way.

Her friend invited her to join a summer theater group at her church so she’s doing her first musical! She’s having a blast. I cannot tell you how proud I am of her. Her job, the theater group, all of it is her doing, her choice, done on her own without mom and it’s a joy to see.

Coryne has returned from her first year away at school her lovely self, as even-tempered and kind as always, and pretty clear and what she wants to do with her life. It is, as one would expect, uniquely Coryne! She’s decided it’s a life of psychology for her, but with a twist! She wants to do comparative psychology, with her time split – somehow – between animal-assisted counseling, specifically canine, and – this is the really Coryne part – studying wolves in the wild.

Now, before you roll your eyes, this is actually a thing. Obviously we all know about dogs assisting humans, like therapy dogs for vets with PTSD, that kind of thing, which is the kind of counseling Coryne would like to do, but more with a focus on young people who have had traumas, or have regulation issues that can be assisted with a therapy dog, that kind of thing. But the wolves-in-the-wild thing is part of it, since, obviously, they are canines – sort-of the purest canines we have, living in the wild as they do. Seems Coryne had a talk with some girl, a recent graduate of her college at a 3-day seminar she went to near her school. The way she described it so Coryne! “If you Google ‘wolves’ and click ‘images’ this girl knows every wolf by name – most of them personally!” Seems this girl’s career path involved doing a winter internship at a wolf sanctuary in Minnesota.

Winter. Minnesota. Wolves. Outside.

My kid actually wants to do this. LOL. Like I said, “uniquely Coryne!”

So she’s a kid with plan. She knows she’s got to go all the way; to Ph.D. And she’ all-in. She may even decide to do her Masters in… Texas.

Which brings me to Leigh!

Leigh has had herself QUITE the summer! She got a KICK-ASS internship in Texas. (Speaking of weather extremes…) She has been having an ABSOLUTE BLAST. They have been so, so, so, so good to her! She’s working mostly with veterans, in a very small group of graphic design interns, doing things that are directly related to her major and learning tons, making great friends, and growing up. I said to Mike that this feels like a transformational summer for her. That this was a very big deal for her, emotionally, and really in every which way. It’s had a real effect on her. In a good way. And she was a great kid to begin with. I’m so proud of her I could bust. So proud of ALL my girls. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and it never does. I can’t possibly raise three girls and not have SOME disaster, right? <<keeping fingers crossed>> 😉

Oh! I forgot to mention that Leigh & Coryne are talking about how cool it would be if she did her master’s there because it’s all but certain Leigh will be moving there for a job resulting from her internship (this isn’t mom being mom – it truly is all but certain she’ll be going) and there’s an *excellent* university literally minutes from where Leigh will be working so they are very excited about the prospect of rooming together while Corynee does her post-graduate work. We’ll see!

That’s all for now. There’s more. But that’s all for now.

Internships? Obama says it's SLAVERY & Wants it STOPPED

This is just such a wrong-headed idea it’s hard to know where to begin. Obama want’s to trash the college internship system. College internships are pretty simple: Student pays the college for it just like a regular course, business gets some free grunt help, and students to do the thing that is the hardest for a kid with no relevant experience to do: get in the front door to prove themselves good workers! There’s no question it’s a win-win for everyone, so leave it to a liberal to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Obama’s wrapping this in the guise of saving these kids from so called un-educational tasks or making room for the unemployed and that’s total and utter cr*p. These are not jobs that would otherwise be filled, so the unemployment angle is scratched.  It’s because they are fetch & carry jobs that they would not be salaried but to suggest that that work is useless to a student misses the point entirely!  It’s the tangential experience that matters: the knowledge of the inner workings of the industry and more precious than gold, the opportunity to be a good doobie and get some phone numbers of people who will at the very least recommend you and at most hire you!

Note: I witnessed the intern programs for twenty years in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Boston in the radio stations I broadcast on.  Every single one of these kids was the envy of all their college friends because they got inside the front door of a radio station. Maybe internships at accounting firms won’t be so highly prized, but I would imagine that any kid able to get in any door in any industry recognizes that the one thing a wet behind the ears college senior wants more than anything is a chance to prove themselves in the industry of their choice and the internship program is that chance.

Molly Henneberg – – April 17, 2010
Obama Administration Considers Cracking Down on Unpaid Internships

The Labor Department says most times it’s illegal for millions of students to spend a summer, semester or year learning the inside of a private sector industry for school credit – but no pay.

The Obama administration is planning to crack down on companies that don’t pay interns.

The Labor Department says most times it’s illegal for millions of students to spend a summer, semester or year learning the inside of a private sector industry often for school credit – but no pay.

Unpaid internships are considered legal only if they are truly structured educational experiences for the benefit of the intern rather than the company and offer no promise of a job after the internship ends.

Labor lawyers argue that businesses need to review what they ask interns to do.

“If they’re performing administrative tasks, clerical tasks, answering phones, getting copies – things that would otherwise displace a regular employee, then the Department of Labor may find that to be more looking like an employee than an intern,” said Kara Maciel, a labor attorney at Epstein, Becker and Green, adding that those internships should be paid.

But business lobby groups note the economy is so tight, companies may have to cut back on or eliminate intern hiring if they have to be paid – especially small businesses – causing students to miss valuable opportunities that bolster their resumes.

“They will likely not be able to pay for it,” said Barbara Lang, vice president and chief executive of the DC Chamber of Commerce. “Unless government is going to provide some subsidy along with these requirements, they won’t be able to provide these experiences anymore.”

Supporters say the law should be enforced and companies should not get free labor. They also want to level the playing field between interns who can afford to work for free and those who can’t.

“If you can’t have an unpaid internship because you need to work, you’re poor, or your family just doesn’t have the means, you’re cut out and that’s wrong,” said Ross Eisenbrey, vice president of the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute.

Eisenbrey says th
e law does not apply to nonprofit organizations or the federal government. But Rep. Darrell Issa thinks it should.

The California Republican sent a letter to the White House asking for “a listing of the number of unpaid interns and volunteers at the White House… along with a short description of their duties.”

He believes the White House should live up to its own standard.

“If the government can’t do it, certainly it’s not fair to ask the private sector to do it in this case,” he said.