Is it Any Wonder Nobody Watches These Clowns?

This is a screen capture of CBS News website at just before 3pm Thursday 05/06/10. See the problem? Let me help you. It’s the headline. Still stumped? Ready?

There was no Department of Homeland Security in 1999. It was created after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Murrow must be rolling over in his grave.  This page went up at 5:22pm on May 5. Down in the comments section (not captured here, sorry) someone had posted as early at about 11am on May 6 that they noticed the error, too, which makes it even worse, because that means that at least four hours had passed from the time that comment was left to when I happened upon the site and saw the error.  So it went overnight without anyone catching it, then all the way until after the CBS morning news had reported it and beyond. Adding to the circus like inanity of the webpage, also not captured here, unfortunately, is the smiling visage of that cougar herself, one Miss Katherine Couric of the clacking heels and faux perkiness.

Never mind the content of the headline which tells us that Janet Planet & O are asleep at the friggin’ switch, even in the wake of their public declarations to have a “stem to stern” look-see at DHS after the underwear bomber at Christmas time.

Maybe we could borrow 60 minutes tick-tick-tick stopwatch from down the hall there at CBS to clock how long it will take before they fix the error. You can check here.