MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Left these Clips on Floor

Maddow Madhatters cowering under their green cotton sustainable forest beds after being propagandized into believing that Tea Party ready to commit acts of domestic terrorism like Tim McVeigh. She didn’t have any proof to support those assertions but the sheeeeeeple belieeeeeeeved she did. Guess she forgot this:

Why Che and Mao AREN'T Cool…

One of the producers of this documentary holds a Master’s in History and remarked that she was ANGRY that she was never taught much of what she learned while putting together these video clips.

If you have ever seen a college student or a Hollywood celebrity wearing a Che or Mao t-shirt, forward them to this five part documentary.  And if you/they are inclined to believe Glenn Beck is an idiot, fine.  Watch it anyway and then produce some facts to support your assertions on where his is WRONG on his facts here.  I’m tired of people making ad hominem attacks on him and people who think like him.  Fine.  He’s fat.  He cries.  He’s a (sober) alcoholic.  Blah, blah, blah… WHAT IS HE WRONG ABOUT AND PRODUCE SOME FACTS FACTS FACTS to support your position!

Part ONE

Part TWO