“You Didn’t Build That” Healthcare.gov for 30M People to Handle Only 9M Did You Democrats? “Yes You Did!”

Uh… Houston, er, DC? We have a math problem.

A BIG one.

The Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz of Florida has made a startling admission.  Here’s the pull-quote from the Mediaite article on her (rambling) MSNBC appearance:

“After stumbling for a bit, Wasserman Schultz responded by attacking the question. ‘We’re eight days in and to be insisting on data being produced day by day for a six-month enrollment program, that — is a little bit unfair,’ she replied.  She said that there is good news in the fact that the servers which support HealthCare.Gov were only designed to handle 50,000 visitors… per day…”

Got that?

Fact #1 from the HEAD of the DNC:  The Obamacare website, now over a week old and stinking like a week-old fish, was built to handle traffic of “50,000” per day.

Fact #2 from the HEAD of the DNC:  The American people have “6 months” to sign up or they will be fined.

Time for some math:

6 (months) x 30 (days) = 180 days.

180 days x 50,000 = 9M.

The law was built for a so-called 30M uninsured.

I’m just a knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing Tea Partier but 30-9=21, right?

That’s 21 MILLION people who will be unable to even TRY to be in compliance, barring some supersonic upgrade.

And that’s not counting all the people thrown in to the exchanges due to being off-loaded by their employers via withdrawal of benefits/downsizing/reduced to part-time.

“You didn’t build that” suddenly takes on a whole new meaning.

They didn’t build that, alright. They didn’t build (at least!) 2/3’s the capacity necessary to handle the need.


See her appearance here.

Everybody's an Expert – in D.C.

This kerfuffle over contraception/abortofacients/sterilization & the Catholic Church has exposed – AGAIN – the olympic hubris of the Left.

To hear them tell it, they are not only bureaucrats, but profit/loss insurance industry experts AND Ph.D.’s in theology.  The arguments they proffer in what to non-propagandized people is a SCREAMINGLY clear issue of 1st amendment religious liberty are TOTALLY tangential to the issue and UTTERLY pedantic.

First:  This meme that the insurance companies won’t be crushed by the cost of offering FREE contraception to EVERY AMERICAN who wants it and it will actually inure to their benefit because of the presumed, resulting diminution in expensive births begs the question: If these rapacious, greedy insurance companies really are as they’ve been sold, DON’T YOU THINK THEY WOULD BE DOING THIS ALREADY??????

So… what?  Now you’re an insurance expert AND a hack bureaucrat? Like your argument about the greedy insurance companies’  costs coming out in the wash YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. Please…

And second, but related:  Now you’re a bureaucrat and a THEOLOGIAN?

WHO THE HELL ARE YOU to tell the Catholic Church – based on your vapid, stupid, COMPLETELY OFF-POINT laundry lists of stats about how many Catholics already break the church’s rules about these matters – THAT THEY ARE WRONG?


It doesn’t MATTER what YOU think.  It doesn’t MATTER if YOU think it doesn’t violate Catholic doctrine – or shouldn’t.

This is NOT YOUR DECISION to make. It’s THEIRS, you busy-body gimme-girl MORONS.

Rant over.