Another Cop Who “Acted Stupidly”

Gosh, one might think the President, who found time to call a woman with a Georgetown law degree (one of the most expensive anywhere, $60k per year for 3 years) who sat in front of congress and admitted she was sufficiently witless to figure out how to pay for her own birth control ($9 a month at Walmart) yet wants her clients to believe she’s resourceful enough to defend them (can you imagine?), might find some time for this other officer of the court who actually was resourceful enough to help alleviate the very real suffering he saw while working for a living (He spent $100 on sneakers & socks for this elderly, freezing homeless man out of salary which is likely less per year than one year at Georgetown).


Preezy’s got House Republicans to bash and golf balls to hit. Oh… and big decisions about which swimming trunks to bring to his 3 week Hawaiian vacation. (I’ve never met anyone, ever, who has taken a 3 week vacation. And I’ve met a lot of people with a lot of money…)

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What's the Over/Under on Obama Golfing this WKND?

I’m watching the W.H. Daily Briefing right now and Carney opened with mention that the weather is gorgeous in D.C., at 6o degrees.  If that holds (and I have no idea what the forecast is, as I am in New England) will it be one, or two rounds of golf this weekend for Bam?

Guess that depends on fundraising commitments.

"Family Time?"

From The Hill:

“Before the (3 hour) dinner (w/out the kids at a restaurant in Honolulu), Obama hit the links, spending nearly 7 hours at the Ko’olau golf club with Mike Ramos, Greg Orme and long-time friend Robert Titcomb, who earlier this year plead no contest to soliciting a prostitute in Honolulu.

I thought Bam-Bam was supposed to be spending precious time with his daughters, right?  He’s golfed every day, for 5 to 7 hours, every day he’s been on vacation save one, I think.

Look… Makes no never-mind to me how someone spends their own money or vacation time, but don’t shine me on telling me it’s all about the kids, okay?

"You're lazy!!! …I'm going golfing."

As objectionable as I find damned near everything about this President, I’ve not pig-piled on him about his golf habit.  Being President is an unimaginably hard job, and if my President needs to hit the links once a week, well, I can regard the optics of it as questionable, but I’m not going to get all haughty about it.  I want my President emotionally and physically healthy.

But this?  Today?  Ed Henry, traveling with the President in Hawaii, just reported that he is now golfing.  It’s 1pm there (6pm here).  I know it’s Hawaii, and it’s far away and he doesn’t get “home” very often, but Monday f*cking afternoon? After he just called us lazy?

How about you get a little hustle on, huh?