Glenn Beck SCORCHES Karl Rove

Glenn Beck announced this week he was no longer a Republican.  He’d long ago stopped giving the RNC money (as I have) but this week he announced he was changing his party affiliation officially (I presume to Independent, but I didn’t catch that part.)

Well, Karl Rove was asked about it and snarkily dismissed it.  Oh dear.  I don’t think Karl understands what major influence Mr. Beck is on the Grand Ol’ Party… and how p*ssed off we all are at the Party’s record of failure these last years.  Well hoo-boy did Beck uncork on Karl… Glenn took to his Facebook page and absolutely scorched him.  I cut and pasted it in its entirety below.  I wish I could have written it myself because I agree with every blistering syllable.

Ouchies.  It’s gonna leave mark.


An open letter to ‪#‎KarlRove‬.

You want to rumble Rove? Come on to my show and let’s have it out.  Bring it on.  I would love to take you on WITH YOUR RECORD AND THE RECORD OF THE GOP.  I could do it with my eyes closed and in a coma.

You hung yourself on O’Reilly. By using my words to mock me, the audience heard my words. I would bet a good portion agreed with me. I was right at CPAC in 2011 and never invited back. What a shock!!!

If you don’t think that the Republicans are progressive light then you don’t know the history of the movement started by Teddy Roosevelt and the GOP.  There are good men and women in the party that believe in the constitution. Are you one of them?

Do you seriously believe that Jeb Bush is not progressive light? Help me out with Common Core and Jeb Bush!

How about Orrin Hatch’s role in targeting Mike Lee? Can you name a better, more honorable man than Mike?

How about Mitch McConnell and his targeting of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee?

How are things working out for all of the campaign promises? How about the deficit? The war? Defunding ObamaCare? Oh, didn’t the GOP vote to confirm Cass Sunstein? How is illegal immigration working out for you? (Actually, I know the answer: really well as your big corporate buddies love it. Especially down in the colonias). It is modern day slavery.

Has Grover started any new Muslim Brotherhood front groups you and the Bushes can pass off as the good guys? How about some more FCC regulation on the Internet?
Can you tell me one thing you have done? I mean beside the PATRIOT Act, the NSA and not stopping the IRS from massive abuse of power.

Oh, I forgot! You did get to the bottom of Benghazi. Oops. Nope. It must be because you are swamped in actually fixing the VA system for all the men YOU put in harms way. Gosh, sorry. No, you aren’t even doing that.

Wow. How do you find your way out of bed in the morning? Well maybe you don’t go to bed, because I know I couldn’t sleep if I were you or any of your cronies.

So let me rephrase. You guys couldn’t find your way outside standing in an open door frame.

How is the health of the three equal branches of government?

I will say this; you are better than the president. You are only half as bad. You are only doing the fundraising dinners, while he is doing that AND playing golf. It is almost like you are progressive light.

I know, you understand ‘strategy’ and I don’t. I know, you can’t push for these things right now! You will lose the presidency in 2016.

No, now you have to compromise on things like immigration etc. so you can win the White House. THEN you will have the White House, the Senate and the House. That is when you really go for it … Right?

Next time. Not now. That when things really change! Just like they did when you had both branches under Bush!!

Crap. Another bad example.

You guys have the spine of a worm, the ethics of whores, and the integrity of pirates. (My apologies to worms, whores and pirates)

You are right about one thing,  I have said this before. You are also right that you don’t need to worry about me.  You need to worry about the American public. Because they have had it up to their teeth with you, the GOP and the DNC lies.

You need to worry about yourself. After blowing almost a billion dollars on ‘I love government healthcare Romney,’ I would guess you don’t have too many more chances to save what is left of your career.  It is sad that you can no longer hear the American People because they could save you. Instead you listen to your political consultants and the amazing thing is you still believe all of it.

Can you not smell what you are shoveling anymore?

The world has changed. The whole world is being redesigned. Not by government but by dreamers and doers.

You are the taxi medallions in an Uber world.  You don’t have to be young to see that. You just have to be open and honest.  Instead, you just continue to shine up the progressive agenda of people like Jeb, pressure, corrupt or threaten freshmen and smear the good people of this country who believe in the actual principles enshrined in the constitution.

It is sad what the GOP has become. You would campaign against Reagan. (Cruz has the principles of Reagan- but all you see of Reagan was HOW Ronald Reagan won, not WHY he won). JFK would be too small government for the GOP as you see it.  “Government isn’t the solution, Government is the problem”. You believe only government run by the Democrats is a problem.

By the way: clever whiteboard trick. Only problem, the quote was right. Ted Cruz knew what you guys were doing and called you on it. He won’t play your game. Which is why millions of Americans support him and you and your progressive corporate fat cats will try to destroy him and anyone else that tries to tell the truth.

Good luck with that.

The future belongs to free people. The genie is out of the bottle. You will not be able to corral the spirit of America. Because it isn’t a person or a place. It is an idea.

Do you know why America is failing? Because we don’t even know who we are anymore. Why? Because people like you only care about ‘interests’ instead of ‘principles’.  Your interests, the party’s interests or national interests.  Those all change depending on the day and situation. Principles never change.

When you and the GOP find your unchanging and eternal principles – other than keeping your power and controlling people’s lives – let me know.

The people don’t trust Washington anymore. You haven’t given us a reason to, we are not as dumb as you thought and we will never sit down and shut up again. You have gone from being a man I thought was a good guy to a sad and quickly forgotten figure of the past.  It is never to late to change. You just have to be willing to admit your mistakes and live by principles. I have done so. When will you?


Po’ Obama

Thank GOD for Kevin Jackson.

I’ve been admirer of his since the first time I saw him appear on The Glenn Beck program on Fox early in Obama’s first term.  He’s a fearless black conservative and he has written a piece (just another in a long line) reflecting that.  I heartily recommend it.  It’s at American Thinker (which I have recommended many times before as mandatory daily reading.)  He tackles what I’ve observed for YEARS about Democrats: they’re all STILL the same bunch of racists they were during slavery!  The “soft bigotry of low expectations” undergirds everything they believe in:  blacks are, according to them, less capable, less able, than others of different pigmentation to get a picture i.d., compete with others of different pigmentation without being spotted points, or, monolithically, it seems, able to assume personal responsibility for a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.

I have this mad notion that blacks are every bit as capable of thinking, learning, and functioning like everyone else, but that, it seems, make ME the racist.


And makes Kevin Jackson an “Uncle Tom,” a “sellout,” etc… which kinda brings me back to my original point:

Democrats haven’t changed a bit.

How the Left Treats Obama Like a Child

By Kevin Jackson

Lotsa Faves Here

Left to Right: (Guy in hat?), Pat (Glenn’s co-host, best friend), Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX), Rep. Steve King (R-IA), Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), Glenn Beck, Denneen Borelli, (Denneen Borrelli’s husband) Tom, then, of course, the nearly 60 and astonishingly fabulous, viciously maligned, Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) founder of the Tea Party Caucus in the House.


Greece's Long Shadow

The American Thinker has this on our future, happening now in Greece:

The chaos outside parliament showed how tough it will be to implement the measures. A Reuters photographer saw buildings in Athens engulfed in flames and huge plumes of smoke rose in the night sky.

“We are facing destruction. Our country, our home, has become ripe for burning, the centre of Athens is in flames. We cannot allow populism to burn our country down,” conservative lawmaker Costis Hatzidakis told parliament.

The air in Syntagma Square outside parliament was thick with tear gas as riot police fought running battles with youths who smashed marble balustrades and hurled stones and petrol bombs. Terrified Greeks and tourists fled the rock-strewn streets and the clouds of stinging gas, cramming into hotel lobbies for shelter as lines of riot police.

First thing that ran through my head was what Glenn Beck has said a thousand times about fear – that people don’t panic when they are prepared, they panic when they are not prepared, so what does it hurt to stock up on a few things, tuck some cash and hard assets away, etc.

Imagine how different it could have been had they organized locally with their neighbors and said, okay, who can fix a car, who can grow things, who can fish, who knows how to post a website for all of us to stay in touch and organized, who can do this, who can do that, let’s get our heads together and figure out some sort of co-op arrangement with kids, and skills, and chores, so we can be self-sustaining until the bureaucrats straighten this mess out and our businesses open again and everything is running normally again… albeit without all the freebies we’re used to…

I surprised even myself that this was the first thing I though of, as I haven’t watched his show in months. I listen to him on the radio nearly every day, but I haven’t fired up the Roku in a dog’s age. I written before that I can’t devote 2 hours to him every night. When he was on Fox, I could rely on the structure of the show, constrained as it was by the network clock. His first 20 minutes were mandatory viewing, with the following 40 optional. But on GBTV the lack of a clock has loosened his messaging discipline and I’m just not willing to devote that much of my life to it. He’s such a blabbermouth he pretty well fills you in on the radio with everything he does on T.V. anyway, so it just seems a more productive use of my time.

In any case, the first thing that ran through my mind was how what we were seeing in Greece was driven almost entirely by the fact that they are several generations deep into government dependency. “Bootstrap” independence has been socialized out of them. Who is the Greek Glenn Beck? I dare say they do not have one. Had they had just one big voice, somewhere, saying, “Hey – Wake up. Rememeber who you are. Remember your proud heritage.”

I am so grateful to Glenn for that message. I’ve always been a patriot, but it was good to have some reminding as to why, and inspiration to buttress that feeling with reading, and re-reading, with the eyes and soul of a 46 year old woman, not a child on the 4th of July, which is so full of memories for me, and sort of the “book cover” of my soul’s keep of love for the ground beneath.

NYT Giveth, NYT Taketh Away

I was just about to give The New York Times an “atta-boy” for publishing my comment beneath their story on the Cain/Libya/Taliban dust-up, defending Herman Cain as correct on his assertion that there are, indeed, Taliban among the rebels on the ground in Libya – you know, the rebels who are now in charge, which is exactly what Herman said – when I had withdraw it (the “atta-boy”).

Interestingly, they updated their article overnight,  softening their mockery of him, possibly because they, I dunno, Googled it like I did. My previous post explains why Herman’s statement, rather than showing a paucity of knowledge, in fact, shows a careful – dare I say nuanced – understanding of the rebels-cum-leaders on the ground in Libya. (If Obama, or Hillary had said exactly the same thing Herman said, they would have called it “nuanced” and any honest reader g*ddamned well knows it.) First, here’s my comment:

So what prompted the “atta-boy” withdrawal?

Well, while grabbing the screenshot of it, I looked to the right and saw a “Featured” columns list of headlines.  One of the headlines I swear to God – was:

The underlying assumption of that question, by extension, the publishing of that headline, is so revealing, so packed with meaning, I hardly know where to begin!

First, the easy one:  You can’t have it both ways, New York Times.  You kill whole forests of trees, digital or otherwise, day after damned day asserting the entire GOP are uninformed rubes, which means you, day after damned day, assert that 40% of the country are rubes.  That stat is from a recent, reliable poll – one you people usually hold up like friggin’ tablets of stone – which said that 40% of America self-identifies as conservative (20% self-identifies as liberal – that’s 1/2 as much, for you OWS kids doing the math at home).

Perhaps this explains why “the Republican debates seem to matter so much.”

Perhaps it also explains why your newspapers is bleeding subscribers.  What have you got, maybe a million paying subscribers, right? That’s only twice your arch-enemy, “rodeo-clown” Glenn Beck’s subscriber base for GBTV, which launched, what?  Three months ago?

Beck, who digs up original documents, primary sources, plays audio/video of people saying things in their own words, invites historians, politicians, businessmen on, that you sneer at, who also bring with them original documents, primary sources, and audio/video of people saying things, then give us the links to the original documents, primary sources, and audio/video of people saying things so we can fact-check it ourselves – because he & his guests are not afraid to be “crowd-sourced” and back up on their assertions.

Not a day goes by you don’t hear him say, multiple times, “Go do your own homework on this.  The links up at my blog.”  That means he’s not afraid to be taken in context, understand?  To be “crowd-sourced” on what he asserts.  There’s a whole industry of people who take him on it, too.  You & Media Matters are among the leaders of that group.

You & Media Matters then, reliably, go on to mock – him– , offering up an Alinsky ad-hominem attack on him or his guests, but 99% of the time, that’s all you got.  I defy anyone reading this to go look at the bile Media Matters posts as fact-checking or analysis and you will find the overhwhelming majority of it is tangential noise, attacking the character of the person saying it, but not the core facts themselves.  Let me repeat that:  They are not able to post facts contradicting Beck’s facts.  Got it?

Beck could teach every single on of your how to have the courage of your convictions and do basic friggin’ reporting.  You’ve been around since the 19th friggin’ century, 1860, was it?. Before the Civil War!!!  You’re the paper of f*cking record.

Think that might be a clue why “the Republican debates seem to matter so much”, a**holes?

I’ll have more thoughts on this later.  One involving the Queen of England’s advice to a bride on her wedding night… but I have to go now.  I’ll be back later 😉