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This was SO FUN! I literally laughed-out-loud! For real and heartily!

Kevin D. Williamson is a writer I respect enormously. We don’t agree on everything, but many things, and either way, he makes a logical, Socratic, fact-based case for his position, which I appreciate in the era of feeeeeelings over critical thinking.

Anyway, I follow Kevin on Twitter, have interacted there with him before, have posted his work here before, and he saw the following tweet (from a third person previously unknown to me), responded to it (which is when it showed up in my Twitter feed) and… well… it was off to the races!


(Now back to the discussion of the Victrola)


They just seem to ask for it, don't they?

I love cats. I’ve owned one for 35+ years. I own two right now. Only a true cat lover can tell you, with a pure heart, how desperately cats just ASK to be humiliated, one way or another, for the evil pleasure of the humans who share their space. Here’s is on example my 13 year old daughter just shared with me that made me laugh literally until I cried. It’s nothing exotic, just purely, devilishly, CAT!