• I haven’t written in over a month.

• Felt sucker-punched by the election.  Ghastly result. Very worrying. I’m convinced the “spigot cities” stole it and sick nobody in leadership has the testicular fortitude to challenge at least some of these precincts. I guess we’re supposed to believe that it’s just a fantastic coincidence that the lion’s share of the stories of irregularities were in key swing precincts and they all just happened to benefit Obama…

• These are the times that try men’s souls, right? Well, I’m goin’ down swingin’, man. I haven’t come this far to lay down and die.

• Read about the map here.  And how just 333k votes in some key swing counties might have made all the difference.

Cain Accuser FRAUD

CORRECTION – 24 hours after I initially posted this:  My bad *blush*.  The picture below is of the woman who witnessed what she described as a full-on embrace between Cain & his accuser. Turns out both women are tall & blonde. The picture was under the headline of how they’d met backstage and hugged.  I was rushing and did not read the fine print under the photo.  A reader corrected me.  You guys are so sharp!  Thank you!  It was sloppy of me.  Sorry… I’ll go re-read the journalism code of ethics Herman has made popular of late!

What Cain’s accuser described was assault. Does a victim of assault HUG her assailant?  Pose for a friendly picture?  Even 14 years later?  Really?


The above picture is from last month.

The Chicago Sun-Times has a story PACKED full of WITNESSES who say THEY HUGGED – LAST MONTH at this Tea party event in Chicago. These witnesses say they were SHOCKED this woman was Cain’s accuser.

I’m sure they were.