DEMOCRAT on IRS: If truth comes out “Obama’s finished”

Fast forward to about 11:20 on this video of Fox News’ Special Report On-Line from last night. It’s the web-only show after the show that Bret Baier does every Wednesday. They were having a discussion about the virtual media black-out of all things IRS. It was an excellent discussion I recommend you take-in in-full, but the money-quote on why it’s happening is from Democrat Kirsten Powers; I’m paraphrasing but she says ‘If this goes where we think it goes, OBAMA’S FINISHED.’

I can’t remember if anyone hinted at this or not; they may have, but I’ve long been of the opinion that nobody will pursue this because nobody wants to be the one who brought down America’s first black president. Quite apart from all the threats and abuse inquisitive reporters have endured, which have by now been well documented, I really think it’s the race thing. These people are so thoroughly indoctrinated and corrupt they can simultaneously admire Woodward & Bernstein, want to be invited to the same cocktail parties they are invited to, but are utterly lacking in the courage it took them to do the work that makes them A-list cocktail party guests all because the president is… black.

BTW: BIG props to Kirsten for HER courage. It can’t be very pleasant in the circles she runs in right now.  She’s one of the last, few, SANE Democrats left. Still VERY liberal, but willing to give a hairy eye-ball to her own party when it needs it.  Sometimes she can’t see through the growth (!) but I give her a LOT of credit for not being one of the herd.

“Pro-Slavery” Bundy Even MORE Deserving of Support

If you’ve been under a rock this past week or so, you missed the dust-up in Bunkerville, NV.  One Cliven Bundy, elderly, rambling, deeply misguided on many issues, and lawfully, technically, wrong, without a legal leg to stand on, said some stupid things after a bunch of Tea Party literally ran to his support, on horseback, w/rifles, colors blazing.

We’ll tackle why BLM showed up w/armored tanks and snipers in moment, but let’s tackle the 1st amendment first:  What Cliven Bundy imagined about the idyllic, gardening, family-unit lives of slaves is… inexplicable. I can only ascribe it to the same category Obama supporters put Reverend Wright’s racism: ‘Well… You have to understand the times he grew up in. His generation. That’s what those people were taught by their fathers and grandfathers…’

So let’s all agree what he said, in the same way we all (well, non-Obama supporters) agreed that what Reverend Wright preaches, is deeply offensive, racist, and wrong, okay?




You love liberty?



Here’s why:

BECAUSE IT HAS ****NOTHING**** to do with Cliven Bundy!  Just like Dana Loesch said!


Al Sharpton owes more than $2M.  Are there SWAT teams showing up in Harlem?

Warren Buffet owes ONE BILLION in back taxes. ARE THERE SWAT TEAMS SHOWING UP IN OMAHA??????

Of course not.

This isn’t even about back taxes (or grazing fees) lawfully owed.

THIS WAS A MESSAGE.  This was a MESSAGE being sent to ALL of us.  Same message sent to Gibson Guitar and the poor raw milk farmers who were treated to pre-dawn armed raids.


What the HELL are our agencies doing armed to the f*cking teeth anyway?



I stand with those who stand AGAINST ARMED BILL COLLECTING.  And if the name at the center of it happens to be Cliven Bundy, Reverend Wright, Timmy ‘Turbo Tax’ Geithner or anyone ELSE I find reprehensible – or ENDORSE – I DON’T CARE.  So be it.  What happened in Bunkerville was WRONG.

Po’ Obama

Thank GOD for Kevin Jackson.

I’ve been admirer of his since the first time I saw him appear on The Glenn Beck program on Fox early in Obama’s first term.  He’s a fearless black conservative and he has written a piece (just another in a long line) reflecting that.  I heartily recommend it.  It’s at American Thinker (which I have recommended many times before as mandatory daily reading.)  He tackles what I’ve observed for YEARS about Democrats: they’re all STILL the same bunch of racists they were during slavery!  The “soft bigotry of low expectations” undergirds everything they believe in:  blacks are, according to them, less capable, less able, than others of different pigmentation to get a picture i.d., compete with others of different pigmentation without being spotted points, or, monolithically, it seems, able to assume personal responsibility for a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.

I have this mad notion that blacks are every bit as capable of thinking, learning, and functioning like everyone else, but that, it seems, make ME the racist.


And makes Kevin Jackson an “Uncle Tom,” a “sellout,” etc… which kinda brings me back to my original point:

Democrats haven’t changed a bit.

How the Left Treats Obama Like a Child

By Kevin Jackson

“Compared to What?”

Classic Alinksy/Progressive tactics on display from radical anti-capitalist Representative Ellison here. It’s textbook stuff if you’re a student of it (and you’re willing to stomach 6 minutes of it).

Take 63 cents of every dollar you earn? That’s “fair,” he says. Keith is math-challenged, of course. See a previous post of mine on that, but now, witness his skill with:

Isolate. Demonize. Talk over. Marginalize. Straw men. Relativism. “Compared to what?”  

The problem with relativism of course, is that in the this scenario, in particular, you can always point to some human suffering somewhere that somebody else’s money might alleviate. Always.

Funny – They never talk about increasing the tax deduction for giving to local charities so that you can be a good, unselfish, patriotic American that way. It’s always tax & grow government.

A reasonable person might wonder if it’s really not the alleviation of human suffering they’re after… but their own aggrandizement.

Hint:  Charity is not spelled T-A-X.

Sally Kohn: Traffic Court = Supreme Court

The new Soros muffin Fox recently hired as a “balanced” Contributor just made a truly stupid argument – a.k.a. packed full of Proggie dishonesty and vapidity – from the standard Commie a-la-carte menu of straw-men, benevolent despotism, etc. comfort food – in defense of Obama’s ghastly Federal overreach into the Church by saying that (I can’t believe she’s this stupid, or thinks we are. She actually seems like a good scout, though I feel link screaming every time I listen to her shallow reasoning.) “the state compels people to do things all the time, like stopping at stop signs.”

Okay, chickie, but:

1. Not stopping at the stop sign won’t get me or the other guy pregnant.

2. Not stopping at the stop sign will not violate the religious beliefs of any religion I know of.

3. Not stopping at a stop sign is a good way to get killed, so one doesn’t really need the state to tell you to do it except as a method of revenue collection.

4. It’s LOCAL not FEDERAL.

I could go on, but I’ll stop there.

It reminds me of the mandate argument libs used during the health care debate:  “You have to buy insurance for your car!”

Yeah, well, I wasn’t born a BUICK.  Driving is a privilege, not a right.  It is enforced by the STATE, and the insurance is for THE OTHER GUY, not ME IN CASE I hit them – it is RISK based, as it is, by definition “insurance” – not COVERAGE which is what ObamaCare is…


(While typing this, I have the White House Daily Press Briefing on. Carney just said he didn’t want to tell the Senate how to do its business in response to a question about how Harry Reid is leading the Senate… not 3 minutes after he told the Catholic Church how to to its business by forcing them to pay for what is literally murder in their minds – the morning after pill.  Must be nice to be an amazingly elastic liberal.)