Bam-Bam's Assault on America Continues

Reuters had a story that caught my eye this morning, the opening paragraphs of which are below, on Texas, the ATF and Bam-Bam the Despot… Isn’t this the same ATF CBS just exposed for selling arms to drug runners in Mexico? Isn’t this the same Texas the President just DENIED an emergency declaration to? (It’s entirely possible I’m mistaken on this, but I’m 99.9% sure Bam-Bam’s never done that before, and 90% sure no President has ever denied a state emergency status before.)

Ever get the idea your President hates America and is purposely trying to destroy it?


Sshhh. You’ll wake the proggies… Ssshh. Go back to sleep ‘lil proggie… Dream of your socialist utopia… But when you wake up, you’ll find that you have neither a socialist nor a utopia. You’ll have Bam-Bam the Despot.


Texas county official says “stupid” feds sparked fire

Fri, May 13 2011

By Jim Forsyth

SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) – The fight between Texas and Washington, D.C., over wildfires in the Lone Star State just got nastier.

A county official in the Texas Panhandle is now blaming a federal agency for starting one of the fires through carelessness.

Tom Edwards, the county attorney in rural Motley County east of Lubbock, said on Friday that the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives was responsible on Tuesday for sparking a fire that consumed 150 acres.

“You can quote me on it: That bunch has a real corner on stupid,” Edwards told Reuters.

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