Proof of Obama's Eco-Terrorism


I doubt if anyone in broadcast media outside Fox or talk radio will cover this (I found it on The Daily Caller). Darrell Issa tells us what we already knew but it needed to be put in the official public record & he’s got big, brass, clacking ones for doing it. Thank God for him.

Read all about Obama’s intentional eco-terrorist sabotage of America here:


Humorless People are Fun For Kitties to Play With

You can always count on progressives to be humorless… and riddled with A.D.D. Did the comments editor at The New York Times not read this whole thing? Or leave their sarcasm detector at home? Both? The Times published this comment of mine, thick with sarcasm, but evidently not thick enough. *snort* To paraphrase the president: ‘Let me be clear’:

Global Warming is cr*p and is merely a tool to advance a progressive agenda.

Green isn’t the goal. It’s the means.