The New (Armored) Math

This is why I love American Thinker. Some damned fine reporting is below. Somebody actually sat down and thought it through: Why oh why do we need 2700 armored vehicles in the United States of America? (DHS just ordered them.  They still have that new, tank smell.) Putting aside the question of why on earth we need them at all, and just addressing the sheer size of the order;  maybe we’re just perceiving that number all wrong and maybe that’s what’s creeping us out? After all, America is one damned big country.  Maybe (just go with me here) 2700 isn’t enough rather than a seriously creepy too many?… Eh… Not so much.

Read this one paragraph below from the article “Armored Vehicles for DHS, Slingshots for You” and if this one paragraph doesn’t give you pause, you’re in the wrong place. Go swig some more kool-aid. I can’t help you here.

“According to 2011 Census data, the U.S. has nine cities with populations over one million, and twenty-five more with populations over half a million, but under a million. Let us assign thirty armored vehicles to each of the megacities, and fifteen to each city between half a million and a million. That would be 645 vehicles. Now, for each of the next forty-one cities, down to a quarter million citizens, let us designate ten vehicles, i.e., 410 altogether. That makes 1,055. For the smaller cities, down to a bare one hundred thousand (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma), let’s provide five each, or 1,050. That makes the total 2,105.”

They Plump When You Train 'Em

Uh… This is creepy…

“…TSA said over 8,000 (SuperBowl) stadium vendors, parking lot attendants, shuttle bus drivers, and other transportation professionals received the agency’s First Observer training for detecting and assessing indicators and planning tactics of potential terrorist activities.”

The hot dog guy’s a spy? Officially empowered by DHS? What if I put mayo on my dog? I mean… It’s disgusting to me, but people have been known to do strange things with food (Isn’t it Philly that dips fries in mayo?) Anyway, certain food behaviors could, conceivably, be indicators of something “weird” in this matrix, so… What are we to make of this?  Am I to go through the rest of my life from this point forward afraid to make small talk with the hot dog guy?  What if he just loooooves Obama and I say something snarky about “Our Dear Leader?”

This is seriously, really, indescribably creepy.

Annie no like.

Pure coincidence, I'm sure.

 1. Immune from any case of wrong-doing that, by all rights, should have been brought against him by the bank had he not said it on the floor of the Senate, Durbin calls for a run on Bank of America over the $5 fee his policies led to.

2. Geithner calls for a ‘living will’ so if banks collapse, they can collapse into the arms of the Federal Government.

3. Now, this morning, I hear on from a radio show caller – so I gotta source this – that should a bank collapse, DHS gets to be in the vaults when they open for the post-mortem.


That farrrrout knittin’ grandma Frances Fox Piven must be rockin’ out on the prospects of this train of potential hell, huh?