🕵🏼‍♂️ #SpyGate Part III ~ THE LIST: Essential Sources & Reading

UPDATE, Tuesday, September 18, 2018: My bad. My VERY, VERY bad. BAD Annie! How could I NOT include THE TIMELINE! Doug Ross has compiled, and continually updates, THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE TIMELINE AVAILABLE. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referred to it to overlay this fact or that and gained INVALUABLE insight. ANY decent researcher must ALWAYS keep one, or have access to one, and THIS IS IT.

Most of my reading on the biggest scandal in American history starts on Twitter. Why? Because Twitter knows things before the legacy media does. Often it’s the only place that knows it because the legacy media is complicit in this scandal and wants very much to ignore it.  And once Twitter knows it, and links to stories on it, the story advances forward.

I write this presuming that you are generally familiar with the #SpyGate scandal, not out in the wilderness like say, a CNN viewer might be, so if you are lost, I am sorry. This is not the post to catch you up. It is the post to dig deep. I will offer you this thumbnail summary however:

Team Obama, in concert with Team Hillary, mounted a full-spectrum, multi-agency, counter-intelligence political-espionage operation on Donald Trump starting at least as early as 2015 (I’ve seen some reporting that made me think they might have started snooping around years earlier, when Trump first started mouthing off about Obama’s birth certificate, but I don’t have enough to really bite on that, so I won’t. Just want it out there just in case we find out later it’s true. If you put a gun to my head right now, I’d tell you I think it is.)

But, back to my thumbnail: they spied. This is not arguable. If you don’t or won’t believe it is, I can’t help you. Facts are stubborn things. It happened. Period. Full stop. Like the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and there’s gravity on earth, it happened. You cannot argue it. Well, you can, but you’d be an idiot.

So, with that premise in hand, here are my best #SpyGate sources – in no particular order. (Honestly. They are all brilliant… well… except the first one. I just have a cool list.):

1. Me! I keep a Twitter list of about 90 sources (that number can change) which you can subscribe to. If for some reason the link is broken to my list, you can always just go to my Twitter home page and click the link for my lists and grab it there. Here is my Twitter home page if, for some reason, the embedded link is broken: https://twitter.com/bloodless_coup (Note: All of the sources that follow are in my #SpyGate Twitter list, but, obviously, I’m not listing all 90+ here. Just the absolute essentials.)

2.   for LEGAL DOCUMENTS. There’s a person who calls himself “Techno Fog” and has his location marked as Trump Tower. NO IDEA who s/he is but s/he must be a lawyer with a subscription to Pacer (court generated paperwork). I presume this because s/he has court transcripts & analysis up on Twitter lickety-split. So if you’re wondering what happened in court that day with something Trump-Russia related, Techno Fog is your go-to guy/gal.

3.  for DEEP INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY SOURCES. John Solomon. This guy has has sources, deep ones, and understands the whooooole picture, micro and macro. For some inexplicable reason, The Hill, where he writes, puts him under “Opinion” and does not make his by-line clickable. (I know, I know… It’s very explainable. Just not to normals like us…) Anyway, this guy is doing absolutely groundbreaking reporting on this story and they bury him. Whatever. He’s essential reading. He doesn’t tweet much, if at all, but whenever he posts a story, you’ll see it on his Twitter feed, so follow him.

4.  for EXCRUCIATINGLY DETAILED ANALYSIS. Jeff is a money guy. According to his own website “Jeff Carlson is a CFA® charterholder. He worked for 20 years as an analyst and portfolio manager in the High Yield Bond Market. He holds degrees in finance and economics.” As such, he is extremely detailed, methodical, logical, and… intuitive. He susses out conclusions he’s drawn from a series of facts and brings us along for the ride. IOW: He reads between the lines and shows us what the invisible ink says. He’s very, very smart. His tweets are always informative and his articles always deeply sourced, with tons of links, and usually require two or three reads to absorb it all. He doesn’t tweet often, nor does he post often, but when he does, it’s always, always worth it. He and “Sundance” at The Conservative Treehouse (The Last Refuge) seem to have formed an alliance of respect for each other’s work, and that just makes me respect the both of them even more. I wrote about “Sundance” in my first #SpyGate post of links & sources, and you can link to him on Twitter here.

5.  Sarah & Solomon are sort of the Frick & Frack of DEEP STATE SOURCES. They often appear on Hannity together. When he’s not interrupting them they impart unique and excellent information. They are usually first with new Strzok & Page texts, news of pending document releases, dramatic turns in the story on the whole. They are both absolutely essential. Parenthetically, Sara has worked as a foreign correspondent in some very dangerous areas, Syria for example. I have profound respect for her courage and careful reporting. You can find her personal home page where she publishes her work here. She’s a Fox News Contributor but does not seem to publish there, just does analysis. Must be part of her deal. Whatever. She’s a gem.

6. Paul Sperry writes for the New York Post & sometimes for RealClear Investigations. His Twitter feed has a habit of dropping SpyGate MOABS then… we have to wait for the story. Sometimes days. It’s absolutely maddening! But in the best possible way. Anyway, he seems to have a few very good sources on what’s going on. He doesn’t tweet or post often, but when he does, it’s because he has something new and very, very important to advance the story forward.

7.  Lee Smith is someone new to me. I’d never heard of him prior to this whole mess. What a pity. He’s an excellent reporter/analyst. Smith is sorta like Jeff at The MarketsWork in that he has a way of reading between the lines and noticing what’s not there. So much of the best analysis in the Obama/post-Obama eras is exactly that, and it’s a very particularized talent. For instance, in his latest piece he lays out, as Dan Bongino perfectly describes it “a devastating indictment of the media’s significant role in the plot to take down Donald Trump.” Understand? They weren’t passive observers in all this, just taking information from their sources and printing it. They were active collaborators in the effort to subvert then remove a duly elected president of the United States. They knew they were lying. They knew it. How do we know? Because as Jeff at the MarketsWork ably deduced, (using his talents to suss out things not immediately evident) the media has had the full, unredacted Carter Page FISA since last spring, the spring of 2017. That’s right. The media has it, has had it, for over a year… and has not published it. Now why would they do that? What reporter worth his salt would hold that back? It’s like the holy grail of the congressional investigations, at least, and the whole Trump-Russia investigation writ-large. Answer? Because they’re not reporters. They’re activists, propagandists. There can be no other explanation. Repeat: there can be no other explanation.  You can find him at RealClearInvestigations and at The Tablet.

8. The Federalist’s Margot Cleveland is my footnote lady. You want deep in the weeds? Like, there’s-not-enough-Benadryl-in-the-world-to-save-you-deep-in-the-weeds? Margot’s your gal. When you read her bio at the The Federalist you’ll understand why I’m so impressed with her. When you read her writing, you’ll be even more impressed. Girl’s got game. She doesn’t publish often, but when she does, boy howdy – be ready to fire up the neurons. You can find her writing here.

9. Fox’s Catherine Herridge. Catherine Herridge does not have a Twitter account. She’s got to be the only reporter alive without one, and in a way, it’s admirable! She has deeeeeep sources in the intelligence community, both the intelligence officials and the congressmen who oversee them. It’s just not possible to have more respect for a reporter than I have for Catherine. She’s rock solid, unflappable, essential. You can find her latest articles for Fox here.

10. Fox’s Russia coverage can be found here. They have a page dedicated to the “Russia Investigation” and this is it. Updates a few times a day, typically. Less so on the weekend.

In my post #SpyGate 🕵🏼‍♂️ Primer / Cliff Notes, Part II I referred you to Fox’s Gregg Jarrett and The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway. You can follow Jarrett on Twitter here and Mollie here.

In my post #SpyGate 🕵🏼‍♂️ Primer / Cliff Notes (Part I) I referred you to The Last Refuge and Dan Bongino. You can follow The Last Refuge on Twitter here and Bongino here.

THAT’S IT! Strap in! It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

🕵🏼‍♂️ #SpyGate; Primer / Cliff Notes

“SpyGate” = America’s First Coup: The biggest abuse of power in our nation’s history. Full-stop. Not arguable. Team Obama-Clinton weaponized the most powerful intelligence apparatus ever devised by man to subvert an election. This. Is. Not. Arguable. If you dispute that, stop reading and seek help. I’m as serious as a heart attack. The evidence is OVERWHELMING and I am OUT OF PATIENCE with “SpyGate Deniers” (to borrow a phrase).

So! Because I love you, and respect you, and want to respect you in the morning, I provide, herewith, the sources I have followed for over a year now, citizen journalists mostly, who have been 99%-100% correct months, damned near a year, in advance of the garbage #FakeNews media which was COMPLICIT in this scheme.

Folks, the scale of corruption here is STAGGERING. STAGGERING. Everyone was drunk. Nobody was minding the store. The Obama Administration wasn’t a two-term presidency. It was an 8 YEAR CRIME SPREE. And I’m sorry to say THEY MERELY USED THE TOOLS PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATIONS LEFT THEM to do it!

Undersand: NOBODY’S HANDS ARE CLEAN HERE: Left or Right. BOTH Democrats AND REPUBLICANS are UP TO THEIR EYEBALLS in this. I’m a capital-C Conservative BUT I AM *NOT* A PARTISAN. If “my side” (such as it is) is criminally corrupt, I AM HAPPY to call them out. Capital-C Conservatives – BY DEFINITION – are all about preserving the integrity to the Republic, and if someone – ANYONE – does violence to our Founding Charters of Liberty, I WANT THEM HUNG. Ok, maybe not “hung.” Just maybe 23 hours a day in a 10 x 10 cell for 40 years until they die a wretched lonely death. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. A quick and painless death penalty is too sweet. Make ’em pace 3 or 4 decades until death. I like that.

Anyway: Here are my sources. The very, very, very, VERY best BY FAR is a citizen journalist who calls himself “Sundance” and runs a website called “The Last Refuge.” It’s also known as “The Conservative Treehouse” and regulars there call themselves “Treepers.” Sundance was VIRULENTLY anti-Cruz in 2016 which kinda pissed me off, cuz he was my guy, but you go where the information is good and NOBODY’s is better than his, so I got over it. Parenthetically, this is a skill ALL TOO LACKING these days: the ability to DISCERN. To think CRITICALLY. I see too many people, even people I align with politically, just dismiss a story out of hand because it came from this or that source. I get that. That’s how I feel about NBC or CNN. But if they have DOCUMENTS, WHO CARES where they came from? THEY’RE DOCUMENTS. So READ them! Screw the garbage propaganda they SAY about them AND READ THE DAMNED DOCUMENTS and make up your OWN mind.

What Sundance does better than anyone, is knit sourced details together in a coherent, logical flow of information anyone – even a housewife like me – can follow. I don’t know who this guy is. Nobody seems to know who he is. I suspect he’s on the west coast though, because he tends to publish later in the day. He reads legal documents with the sharp eye of a lawyer but I’m not sure he is one. I think he may have worked in legal circles somehow, but I don’t think he’s a lawyer. It’s also possible he’s military intelligence but that would be my last, least likely choice. The point is, he has the disciplined mind of someone like that. Where he got it, I do not know. But he’s eagle-eyed and sharp and he never makes an assertion unless he can back it up with *linked* *evidence.*

If for some reason the linked image below doesn’t take you to the homepage, here is the link:  http://theconservativetreehouse.com

Ok, so that’s reading. Here’s some listening you need to do: Dan Bongino’s podcast. Who’s Dan Bongino? He was an elite Secret Service agent. By “elite” I mean only the best of the best of the best get on the President’s detail and Dan protected Obama. To be clear: he’s very, very, very, very careful to *never* reveal *anything* he heard or saw. *Ever.* He’s an honorable man. His value is in his insider knowledge in how things work at the highest levels *and* as an investigator. He started out as a NYPD cop. He began at Secret Service investigating fraud (credit cards, that kind of thing). If you don’t know, that’s actually Secret Service’s original mandate: counterfeiting! Anyway, he grew up a tough kid in Queens and talks like one, so don’t be put off by the machismo. Also – he holds a Masters in Economics. This is a very BRIGHT kid from Queens, so again, don’t be fooled by the machismo. Dan’s very bright, very street smart, knows a scam when he sees one, and he saw SpyGate a MILE away. Start with Episode 628 and proceed from there. He’s very good about detailing in the show notes what he’s going to discuss and in what order, so if he’s not on SpyGate stuff and you don’t want to listen to it, don’t! You won’t miss anything. Just skip ahead. Pretty much every episode since 628 save a handful are all SpyGate, except for some which may be mostly SpyGate with some other stuff thrown in.

Here’s Episode 628’s show page -> http://www.bongino.com/january-8-2018-ep-628-the-biggest-scandal-in-american-history-is-unfolding/

Here’s the actual podcast. You can just click and listen right here if you want to. I subscribe via iTunes and have it download to my iPhone everyday. He usually posts by noon eastern every day with a new hour long show.

Those are the biggies. I’ll post later with some other sources. But those are the two essential, must-have, can’t-do-without to get you up to date.