No-one watches MSNBC, but even if they did…

Who needs widespread, historically provable, 99% democrat voter fraud, or even our own Secretary of State being the ONLY Secretary of State who had to sign a federal document that he would agree to federal oversight of his ballot counting because he is so desperately corrupt and can’t be trusted, when you have the likes of Ed Schulz promoting the virtues of voter fraud on national television.

Good thing no-one’s watching.

Coakley's Gafferama Won't Quit!

I‘m getting tired of the following phrase, because I say it so often, but here we go again:

“If this had been a REPUBLICAN….”

Yet another gaffe from Coakley.  She says here that Curt Schilling is a YANKEES fan… Do I even need to comment?


So what’s the list?
On foreign policy:  “I have a sister who lives overseas.”
On Afghanistan:  “The terrorists are all gone.”
On Massachusetts:  “Massachusettes”
On campaigning:  “What should I do?  Stand outside Fenway Park, shaking hands, IN THE COLD?”
On Scott Brown:  He’s a richy-rich because he has a time share in Aruba, and she put a headshot of him over THE WORLD TRADE CENTER in a tv ad.

She makes GWB look like a Rhodes Scholar.

Coakley pays for a Brown vote!

Gawd.  I love the bloodsport known as MA politics.  The text below was lifted from a tweet from Michelle Malkin.  The whole country is watching this one.  What fun for a political junkie like me!
Heh. Video: Union workers admits being paid by Coakley camp…but he’ll vote for Brown – #masen
from TweetDeck