This Image Should Haunt All of Us

slone (@slone) November 27, 2012 OH DEAR! The liberal jackholes don’t like me calling out Obama for being the POS that he is regarding #Benghazi#tcot…


Fragment of a Farrrrout Conspiracy Theory

Okay, so I get up early this morning and turn on the radio. Not just any radio, but my handy-dandy iPad internet radio, using one of the great, free apps of all time, especially as it relates to internet radio listening, TuneIn, and catch a little Michael Medved.  I’ve only recently stumbled on him, though I’d been aware of him for quite some time.  If I’m up early on weekends (which I usually am), I can find a best of Medved on a station out of Sacto.  The guy’s pitch perfect on free market capitalism.  Beyond that, I don’t know much about him, but he let fly about 60 seconds of something this morning I wish I’d rewound and listened to again before I lost the cache of it.  It went by fast, and my apologies for my utter ignorance on these matters, but it was just so damned interesting I had to share.  Again, my apologies to him and to everyone reading this who know way more about these matters than I do and that’s gotta be everyone.

The conspiracy theory goes that the reason the CIA-hatched-op to get Bin Laden chose the name of the getting of him as Geronimo is that the original Geronimo, you know, the Indian, has a place of distinct honor among those in the know.  Seems his skull, like, the real, actual skull, is in the custody of the heavily CIA steeped Skull & Bones society, thus the name, and that the plan was to get Bin Laden’s skull and make that the new grail of sorts, of this secret society.

Like I said, I know zip, nada, nothing about Skull & Bones, and only caught a fragment of this on Medved’s best-of this morning, so who the hell knows.  I just thought it was fun.

BTW:  He’s got a couple of books I just started reading and they’re brilliant. BOTH knock down progressive propaganda on capitalism. They are without a doubt the best, most concise, most focused, and undeniably sensible on the subject I’ve ever seen.  I’m looking forward to finishing them both.