Nature Abhors a Vacuum

American Thinker hits it out of the park (again!) with this analysis of Obama’s foreign policy – and surprisingly, offers a bit of relief, as encapsulated in this quote: “During the Soviet Empire the rise of Russia would have been very bad news. Today it might give us breathing space, to fix what is wrong at home.” It’s ass-backwards, like everything else in the Age of Obama, but it’s relief none-the-less.  An abbreviated version of the article is below, but if you click here you can enjoy it in its entirety.

August 24, 2013
Dangerous Times: Russia Rising in the Middle East
By James Lewis

Now that America is leading from behind, more serious powers are rushing to fill the vacuum… When America bugs out, what follows is not love and peace – contrary to deeply delusional liberals. What happens is a worldwide scramble for king of the hill. Instability breeds war… Civil war has erupted all over the place – Egypt, Libya, and Syria… And to show his profound concern for all the killing, Obama is sending vacation postcards from Martha’s Vineyard…

The Arabs aren’t smiling. In Egypt, both sides blame Obama. In Libya and Syria, we have alienated both sides, too. Behind the scenes, the Saudis are paying for the Egyptian military to knock down the Muslim Brotherhood, while the oil sheikhs of Qatar are trying to shaft the Saudis… (and) in the absence of American strength and reliability, all the players are turning to Russia…

That doesn’t mean Putin is a nice man, or that Russia isn’t going to pursue greater power. Putin is a Great Russian ruler.China, Europe, and Islam are his biggest historical threats. But in the nuclear age there are threats all around. Putin is therefore looking to take our place as the decisive power in the Middle East… Suppose you are Egypt’s General Sisi, trying to run a nation in chaos. Who do you want to guarantee your safety? A self-loathing, treacherous Obama, or a ruthless but very consistent Putin?

The answer is clear enough…

Obama may yearn to be adored, but Putin wants to be feared and respected. Putin is a man, with masculine values. Obama is not…

Zenith, Comrade

Okay… So I’m bleary-eyed & a little punchy from spending all day doing teenage-kid-stuff and I sit down at the computer to browse all the news I missed during the day and I come across this headline in The Hill:

White House Criticizes Ban on Technology Products from China

So I think ‘What ban?  Did some big American company ban something?  Maybe Government Motors (G.M.)? Which might, maybe, possibly explain why THE WHITE HOUSE feels compelled to comment on a “ban”?’ (I mean, the passive voice in this is stunning when you see what’s coming – like the W.H. had *nothing* to do with it.) So I keep reading:

The White House on Friday came out against a new law restricting government purchases of Chinese technology systems.

Okay, STOP.  Several GIANT problems jump out at me.  Did you see them?  The White House comes out against a NEW law?  Well… How new we talkin’ about, Skippy? THE WHITE HOUSE HAS BEEN IN CHARGE – IN FACT, *SOLEY* IN CHARGE, SINCE OBAMA IS THE ONLY MAN ON ***EARTH*** WHO CAN SIGN A NEW U.S. FEDERAL LAW INTO EXISTENCE – OF ALL NEW LAW FOR MORE THAN FOUR YEARS NOW.  And it’s a GOVERNMENT ban?  So… like… OBAMA COULDN’T STOP IT IF HE WANTED TO????  Even if it WEREN’T a law he signed HIMSELF and not just a G-O-V-E-R-N-M-E-N-T BAN?

But leaving ALL of that aside, I soldier on:

The restriction was part of a temporary government funding measure that President Obama signed last week.

LAST WEEK??????  He signed this “new” law LAST WEEK and HE’S BITCHING ABOUT IT?  Pardon me, I’m just a simple housewife, but wasn’t the time to bitch about it BEFORE you signed it INTO LAW… LAST STINKING WEEK?????

Okay… Okay… I’ve read this far. I’ll never get those precious minutes of my life back but I can’t stop now (Save yourself some misery & just skip to the 5th paragraph which I highlighted in BOLD):

“The undefined terms of this provision will make implementation challenging,” White House spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said in an email.

“It could prove highly disruptive without significantly enhancing the affected agencies’ cybersecurity. While the Administration has raised concerns about the cyber threats emanating from China, resolving this issue requires open dialogue between the U.S. and China,” she added.

Hayden said the administration plans to work with Congress to revise the provision as part of the 2014 appropriations process.

A coalition of U.S. business groups also announced their opposition to the provision in a letter earlier this week. The groups warned that the law could hamper the ability of agencies to buy new computer systems and could prompt China or other countries to adopt their own restrictions targeting U.S. companies.

The provision, which was backed by Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.), bars select federal agencies from buying information technology that has been “produced, manufactured or assembled” by companies with ties to the Chinese government unless the FBI or a similar agency first determines the purchase would be in the national interest.

The provision… bars… technology… “produced, manufactured or assembled” by companies with ties to the Chinese government?????????????????????????

THAT’S LIKE… EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can they hear you scream in space?  You sign a law that bans electronics made in F*CKING CHINA??????????????????????????  AND NOW YOU THINK IT’S A BAD IDEA????????????????????  DID YOU JUST ********NOW*********** DISCOVER THAT ZENITH (which was notable for having been one of the precious few AMERICAN technology companies to manufacture consumer electronics) IS OUT OF BUSINESS????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

In case you’ve been asleep for 30 years: AMERICA HAS NOT ONE SINGLE SOLITARY TECH COMPANY THAT MANUFACTURES ITS STUFF IN AMERICA – NOT ONE. ***ALL*** our toys are made elsewhere:  t.v.’s, radios, cellphones, GPS, *****ALL***** of it.


And 99% of “elsewhere” is… CHINA.


There aren’t enough capital letters and exclamation points to describe how garganutanly STOOOOOOPID this ENTIRE thing is:  the idea, the law, the fact that OBozo signed it and some fool gives a quote to The Hill saying ‘Hey… that might be kinda a BROAD group of products, huh?”

What I didn’t bother to delineate, as I have done for previous dumb quotes from this article, is that ALL companies in China have ties to the Chinese government because they’re (wait for it…)


Or maybe that piece of news was in the same paper with the Zenith liquidation sale so they missed it.


The remainder of the article, for what it’s worth, is below:

The restriction covers NASA, the National Science Foundation and the Commerce and Justice departments.

U.S. lawmakers have expressed concern that the Chinese government could use the equipment of Chinese businesses to tap into U.S. communications networks and spy on people in the United States. In particular, lawmakers have accused Chinese telecom equipment makers Huawei and ZTE of posing a threat to U.S. national security.

David Fagan, an attorney who works on cybersecurity issues for the firm Covington & Burling, said the provision restricting Chinese technology is vague, and it is unclear how agencies would be expected to comply with it.

He said devices such as iPhones, which are assembled in China, could potentially fall under the law’s restrictions, although he noted that was likely not the intent of lawmakers.

“We just don’t know how broad it is,” he said.

Herman Cain False Narrative Drumbeat

MSNBC is wall-to-wall that the ‘right-leaning’ media & Herman Cain supporters are doing exactly what Bill Clinton’s supporters did when he was accused of sexual misdeeds.

Uh… No.  I defy you to find a clip of a single ‘righty’ making an ad hominem attack on either one of the named accusers.  

What we’ve done is report the facts.  The facts are unflattering.  But nobody on the right has made remarks about their hair, their trailer, their non-Ivy league education, etc. like they did when poor Paula Jones, she of the bad perm, trailer park, community college degree, was sneered at, and pig-piled on by the elite media.

If you want ad hominem attacks, you need only turn on NBC/MSNBC where they are wall to wall with people talking about ‘predatory black’ on ‘blonde’ sexuality, and ‘smoking the symbolic crack pipe’ etc…  It’s AWFUL.  VILE.  FIREABLE if ANYONE ON THE RIGHT SAID THE SAME THING about a Democrat, but these vicious, personal attacks are all over MSNBC.

Again, FIND ME THE REPUBLICAN who has made a PERSONAL attack on ANYONE involved in this Herman Cain story and I’ll eat my hat.  


AND – This BULLSH*T about Herman Cain ‘not knowing China had’ nukes. 


Watch the tape.  Before said what he said.  Even AFTER he said what he said.  It was TOTALLY taken out of context.  He was talking about their MILITARY nuclear capability.  THAT was the context of the conversation.  Whether or not they had nuclear capable missiles / armament that were a threat to AMERICA.


Herman's "10 Day" / "57" State Problem Explained

99% of America either:

(1.) Doesn’t follow the hour-to-hour developments on the ‘non-sexual’-but-‘offensive gesture’-sex-‘harassment‘-non-story, which is now what the Establishment analysts of both Parties (technically correctly) describe as a process’ vs. ‘substance’ problem.   It’s now become HOW Herman answers the questions, NOT a story on the veracity of the original charge in the first place. 

(2.) Yup… But even if his answers are ‘evolving’… Nobody cares!

Know why?  Because NORMAL people think like Herman did, which is what got him in this mess. 

Herman thought the truth would set him free. That’s why, even thought he had a heads up about this, he didn’t assemble a team of ‘Spinners.’

I firmly believe he thought he could just tell the truth… as he remembered it… coming back to him, as it understandably would after 12 years, in ever-more detailed bits…

I am personally troubled by the fact that Herman failed the ’emergency on the trail’ management test, yes, I am.  But I am unmoved by it because I know, down to my bones, that it was a mistake made by an honorable man, who – and this is the real core of this – until he’d touched the Progressive Power grid, didn’t realize the voltage of that evil.  What’s new, is that the Establishment G.O.P. contributed to the electric shock.

Now he knows D.C. in this unique moment in time, when we have a culture, helped along by Obama, of pitting American against American… and Establishment (read: CORRUPT) GOP against New (read: HONORABLE) Tea Party.

My man Herman’s a fast learner.  He’ll not make this mistake again.  On the trail…

…Or in the White House.

BTW:  Remember Obama’s horrible, dreadful, inexplicable FLUB on drivers’ licenses for illegals during the ’08 campaign debates?  A flub made even though Hillary had been burned in the previous debate?  Nobody on MSNBC regarded Obama’s LACK OF FRIGGING DEBATE PREPARATION – KNOWING HE WOULD GET THE DAMNED QUESTION as DISQUALIFYING, did they?

UPDATE:  Morning Joe is jumping all over Herman for a clip they played of him which, to their ear, indicated that Herman thought China didn’t have nukes.  Uh… No, you dishonest brokers.  He’s using the normal, vernacular short-hand that everybody uses which is to describe they ability to nuke us from there.  Got it?

UPDATE II:  Just while writing the above paragraph, Andrea Mitchell and the panel lamented that the Republican Party is giving Herman ‘a pass’ and ‘not asking the questions’ they should ask…

Someone find me a puppy so I can kick it! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!



Pass?  GETTING A PASS, ANDREA????????????????????????

You mean like you gave Obama ‘I’ve been to 57 states so far’ A PASS?????

And that’s not even the WORST, STUPID thing he’s said, before OR AFTER the White House!