Cain Accuser FRAUD

CORRECTION – 24 hours after I initially posted this:  My bad *blush*.  The picture below is of the woman who witnessed what she described as a full-on embrace between Cain & his accuser. Turns out both women are tall & blonde. The picture was under the headline of how they’d met backstage and hugged.  I was rushing and did not read the fine print under the photo.  A reader corrected me.  You guys are so sharp!  Thank you!  It was sloppy of me.  Sorry… I’ll go re-read the journalism code of ethics Herman has made popular of late!

What Cain’s accuser described was assault. Does a victim of assault HUG her assailant?  Pose for a friendly picture?  Even 14 years later?  Really?


The above picture is from last month.

The Chicago Sun-Times has a story PACKED full of WITNESSES who say THEY HUGGED – LAST MONTH at this Tea party event in Chicago. These witnesses say they were SHOCKED this woman was Cain’s accuser.

I’m sure they were.