Hah! “Someone is Wrong on the Internet.”

This is a truth-boom if ever there was one!  Especially for an Aspie!

I no longer feel the irresistible, pathological compulsion to correct every wrong I see on the interwebs, but I did when I first joined Twitter, and I know from other commentary I have seen/heard that this is the typical trajectory.  There’s something about that just sucks you in and won’t let go and it seems to last about a month.  After that, many settle into mere addiction, absent the compulsion to engage morons, as experienced Twitter users know that the place is littered with paid trolls.  To be sure, there’s genuine stupid out there, and not an insignificant amount of it, but most of it is what Obama’s first OIRA chief helpfully described, in book length, as “infiltration” of “social media networks” to “nudge” public opinion.

In a different decade it was called “propaganda.”

Someone is wrong on internet

Now You See It… Nah.

Anyone who’s paid scant attention knows Obama’s promise to have “transparency” be a “touchstone” of his presidency is laughable.  Early in his first term he was given a transparency award by a liberal group but the presentation of it to him was… closed to press.  You can’t make this stuff up, seriously.  Now, 5 years in, transparency groups have been lining up to say he’s horrible on the subject.  Again, anyone paying scant attention knows this, with or without such groups declaring it, which all explains why the cartoon below make me snicker.  I thought it was clever.  Enjoy.