"Get the hell out" of the United States of America!

One can quibble with his endorsement of Newt Gingrich, and I suspect it’s motivated powerfully by the primal scream Newt brings out in all of us, for good or ill (!), but Representative West ain’t bashful about the true nature of the fight.  Wow.  Enjoy this clip.  It’s from this past weekend, from a speech down in Florida. It’s only 2 1/2 minutes & worth it.

Cheering on the Couch

You’d a thunk Papi hit one out the Park at Fenway, bottom of the 9th with 2 out, 2 strikes, and a tie game the way I was whooping & hollering last night!

Newt’s line about “protecting Obama” was a rocket ship good time.  Mitt even had some really good moments.  And Santorum was EXCELLENT with his “footsie” rant.

But I’m still depressed… Well, not depressed, really, but displeased.

Is there some way we can fuse Santorum’s regular-guy conservatism with Romney’s mad turn-around economic skills with Newt’s wipe the floor debate skills and send this Frankenstein Republican monster to crush Obama?

I like and hate all of them.

If Ron Paul weren’t so creepy – and wrong on Foreign Policy – I could get excited about his libertarianism, but…


Can Mitt get a charisma transplant?  Is there such a thing?  I CAN’T warm up to him.  He just leaves me so frickin’ cold.  I still haven’t gotten over the shabby way he treated his Lt. Governor Kerry Healey when she needed him and I can’t get over Newt’s support of Scozzafava in NY or his progressive tendencies, which I fear are more robust than mere tendencies.  Coupled with his fierce ego and he could be very, very, very dangerous.

I just don’t know if I could vote for him and sleep at night.  I WILL to stop Obama, but I’ll HATE myself.

But I don’t think it will come to that.  I really think it will be Mitt… but jeezuz.  Has he learned ANYTHING in 5 stinking years of campaigning for President?  Because it sure as sh*t doesn’t appear so.

*Sigh SIGH.*

Obama: "Oh… You're okay, I suppose. But you'll be better with my thumb pressing down on you v.2!"

“…There’s a core decency and strength and resilience to be tapped, and that most of the time the better angels of our nature win out.”

That was President Obama at a fancy-pants fundraiser at a private home in Chicago late last week, talking about how “as difficult as these last three years have been, as challenging as they’ve been – not so much for me but for Americans all across the country who lost their jobs or have seen their home values decline or been worrying about their retirement and their 401Ks”

“Core” decency, Mr. President? That only comes “out” sometimes and needs “to be tapped” but only if you win and “work hard” to elicit it from us?

You pompous ass.

How about an “atta-boy” for the incredible strength, endurance, and resilience the American people have shown just staying afloat these last 3 years?

What the hell was that? That was a pat on the back? Sounded pretty tentative to me, you tinpot dictator.

Jeezuz I skeeve this guy!

The whole speech is here, but don’t read it on a full stomach.