I've got to stopped be stunned by the MSM hypocrisy or I'm going to stroke out.

How can the left trash Brown for getting a book deal at 50, while not seeing the wild hypocrisy of enshrining Obama’s two tomes when he’s younger than Brown?  Helloooooo……??????

I’d bet my house not one lefty ever questioned Obama’s age when writing his two autobiographies the way they are questioning Brown’s getting a deal to write one…and again, Brown is at least a decade older than Obama when he wrote the first one.  At least….

I swear, if they could fix it so that the Gideon bible is replaced with “Dreams of My Father” in every hotel room nightstand in America, they would.


From Michelle Malkin’s latest column/tweet:

GOP should agree 2 televised hltcare summit only AFTER WH produces transcripts of backroom mtgs w/SEIU http://is.gd/7WQS0
SENATOR BROWN SHOULD STAND UP AND DEMAND THIS!  The argument is simple:  “How can we proceed in a efficient and expeditious manner forward until we know where we have been?”

Brown's Swearing In NOT Done Deal says Sec. of State's Office….

Jay Severin of 96.9 FM Boston is reporting right now that a highly placed source in the Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin’s office says that there is no precedent, no case law, outlining the “deadline” by which Scott Brown must be sworn in.  If you know anything about the law, you know that NOT having precedent is a VERY big deal, especially in the hands of unscrupulous scoundrels.

I would bet my HOUSE that Brown will NOT be sworn in by February 11th.