July 14, 2015. A VERY Bad Day.

In no particular order, here’s why Tuesday, July 14, 2015 was a particularly bad day in America… and really, the world.

1. OBAMA FORCES CONTRACEPTION ON NUNS Obama Admin tells nuns – Yes,Little Sisters of the Poor NUNS – they must facilitate the purchase of birth control.  (And as a bonus: these are nuns who minister to the poor – in hospice.  HOSPICE, okay?  Not a lot of nookie goin’ on in their daily ministry.  And their name?  Even their name should elicit gentleness and compassion in anyone with a conscience:  Little Sisters of the Poor.)

Little Sisters of the Poor2

I don’t even know how to comment on this story without crying.  Honestly.  And I’m a fallen woman.  An EX-Catholic, with no particular “brand” of faith to call my own.  So I’m no reflexive Catholic apologist.  But I’m not without wit.  I’m sentient.  I can read.  I know what our Founding was all about, what it means, why it means what it means… etc., etc., and this is just flabbergasting.

FURTHER READING:  If you’d like to so some reading on how this could happen in America, of all places, let me heartily recommend a brilliant America Thinker piece, U.S. Has Established a State Religion: What Now for Christians?, which echoes my thoughts beautifully.  It delineates how the federal government’s establishment of non-religion has become the functional equivalent of the federal government’s religion… which is sorta the opposite of the whole point of our country…

2.  BABY BODY PARTS FOR SALE (Taxpayer supported) Planned Parenthood is selling body parts… and evidently has no problem discussing the best way, during a late-term abortion, to crush-this-without-crushing-that, while keeping the profitable organs intact, and going over the minute details of this unimaginably evil practice while sipping wine over lunch at a restaurant.

I mean… What… What can you even say to that?

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Meanwhile, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post etc. is shoving a microphone in front of every single GOP Presidential candidate demanding they condemn Donald Trump over his remarks on the Mexican border (which were impolitic but substantially true) or be regarded as endorsing them, but not a single one of them has asked Hillary Clinton (or any other Democrat, candidate or not) if she stands with Planned Parenthood, will condemn thisSanger on weeds ghoulish practice, return the many thousands of dollars in campaign donations they’ve given her, awards they’ve given her, or be regarded as endorsing them.

It’s good to be a Democrat.

Margaret_Sanger-KKKFURTHER READING: If you’d like some further reading on the long, long ties between Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Party, here’s just one blog post I found on HRC’s, Obama’s, and Democratic support in general for PP. If you are unaware of the hideous genesis of Planned Parenthood, and you might well be since it’s been buried so well, Margaret Sanger founded it back in the Progressive Era.  She was a virulent racist, eugenicist, and spoke openly about how the purpose of “planned parenthood” wasmargaret-sanger-quote-about-negro-population the pulling of “weeds” from the population, i.e., ‘undesirables’… like blacks…

Again… If people only knew the truth of progressivism, how cold and calculating it was and remains (clearly!), there’s just no possible way you could embrace it.  And please don’t misunderstand:  it’s not that I am for a return to back-alley abortions.  I’m not.  That genie is out of the bottle.  But I do believe that third-trimester abortion should be severely restricted.  I mean… Good grief.  If you don’t know if you want to go through with a pregnancy until you’re 8 1/2 months along… the decision had been made for you, toots.  That baby is coming.  If you don’t want it, give it up for adoption.  

3.  NUKES FOR MULLAHS The capitulation was finally complete this morning in Vienna.  We have a deal.  With Iran.  This piece at American Thinker pretty well sums up my feelings on the matter.  In short?  Obama just launched a Middle-East NUCLEAR arms race, and I don’t have a lot of confidence these medieval-mahdi-seeking-mullahs will exercise self-control.  If it’s not Israel’s death-warrant, it’s surely somebody’s… maybe a lot of somebodys…

And just for kicks, consider:  This President has gone out of his way, orchestrated a massive global effort, to see to it that Iran gets nukes, while simultaneously launching an equally aggressive domestic effort to see to it that his fellow Americans can’t have a lawful gun.  Got that?  Mullas and nukes = GOOD.  Fellow Americans and Second Amendment = BAD.

I guess you’d have to be a progressive to appreciate (or divine) any nuance in that.

FURTHER READING:  Mark Levin’s take on this (the Iran deal) is perfect.  Highly recommend listening to his 07/14/2015 podcast in full (It’s his entire 3 hour show – less than 2 hours because all the commercials are chopped out – and it’s free, every day), or you can read excerpts here.

So that’s July 14, 2015 in America.

And we’ve got 555 days more of this to go.

If we make it that far.

So Easy, Even a Proggie Can Understand It

The answer to why you must have an assault weapon, delineated so logically even a progressive can understand it (though they will never concede such).  While it argues within the paradigm of the left – on “need” – it works. We don’t have a Bill of Needs, we have a Bill of Rights; but debasement to their terms appears to be the only hope we have to penetrate with these people. When your entire world view is based on relativism, empiricism is lost.

Via The American Thinker:

“Because the Constitution says so” or “It’s my right” will not convince anybody whom the enemy is deluging with images of dead children, while the Glorious Leader uses children as human shields to support his so-called reasoning. Our argument must instead be as compelling as the inarguable statement that two and two make four, and therefore impossible for any honest and rational person to contradict.

The first step is to challenge the other side with a very simple question: “Do you believe that all human beings have a natural and inherent right to defend themselves from violent attack?” Even people like Barack Obama, Andrew Cuomo, and Dianne Feinstein will not dare to answer in the negative. They will, however, demur that nobody needs an “assault weapon” to exercise this right. Cuomo said quite correctly that nobody needs ten bullets to kill a deer, but he knows full well that the Second Amendment is not about shooting deer. The question, and the other side must not be allowed to evade it or equivocate, is “How many bullets might a person reasonably need to stop one or more violent specimens of the most dangerous animal on earth?”

Police departments apparently believe the answer to be 13 to 17 rounds of 9 millimeter, as shown by their use of Glocks with these magazine capacities. A .45 caliber sidearm has far more stopping power, so seven rounds (the maximum now allowed by New York) may be adequate to end a life or death confrontation that somebody else starts. Most women, however, along with small men, find the 9 millimeter’s lesser recoil far easier to handle. New York’s Legislature and governor therefore seem to think that the right of effective self-defense should be reserved for healthy and fit men, as opposed to women and senior citizens.

When it comes to rifles, police departments believe the answer to be no less than 30 rounds of .223, as shown by their deployment of AR-15s. The onlydifference between a police officer and a private citizen is that the former has the authority and duty to intervene in situations that the ordinary citizen should, or even must, avoid. If either needs a firearm for any non-sporting purpose, though, he or she needs it for exactly the same reason. The definition of a weapon that is “reasonable” for legitimate self-defense is therefore, “Any weapon that is routinely available to law enforcement agencies.”

I tried this on a talk show host who supports the proposed “assault weapon” ban, and he had no viable answer. Neither will anybody else against whom we deploy it in letters to the editor, talk radio, the Internet, and other media.

I would humbly add one more salient point: Wouldn’t a frightened woman cowering in a closet need more shots than a trained officer? Duh. Of course she would. These proggies watch too much t.v. Normal people, with just enough training to lawfully obtain, and competently secure, aim, and shoot their weapon, can’t shoot with the accuracy of uniformed personnel with regular time at the range, and extensive training in panic situations… Yes, the bad guy might get a really, really bad boo-boo. Perhaps a disfiguring or fatal one…

…So he shouldn’t have broken into my house and threatened me or my children.

F*ck him.

Cue the moral outrage from the left…

The Caliber of Your Welcome Mat

(See UPDATE below!)

Gun Free Zone




It’s soooooo predictable.  I mean… Every damned time.  E-v-e-r-y   s-i-n-g-l-e   s-t-i-n-k-i-n-g  d-a-m-n-e-d   t-i-m-e the very people the do-gooders doo-doo their good-on get doo’d-doo’d on.  (Or to quote our faux intellectual President who couldn’t string together a single elegantly wrought sentence if his life depended on it:  “wee-wee’d up”).

Even liberals who are anti-gun are protesting the stupid gun-owner map this little rag suburban NY paper put up on the ‘net.  Know why?  Because the NON-gun owners are now targeted as being unprotected. Included in this population are the wives & children of prison guards who are now being threatened with harm while their husbands are at work (thugs talk, even in prison, with their thug buddies on the outside – duh). Also threatened are women hiding from abusive husbands. They also are now outed as NOT having arms, thus ripe for a fresh beating – or killing.  The list of innocents now targeted for harm is long and the crooks are openly thanking the paper for doing it.
Way to go.
I left the comment below at NYT this morning. I can’t believe they published it. (UPDATE:  Judging from some of the replies posted to it, the sarcasm was utterly lost on them, both NYT readers & NYT comment editors alike. Oy.) Or maybe they’re just trying to save their own jobs if their own paper does something equally as felony stupid.

.NYT Comment on gun map


BTW: Judge Napolitano gives the best explanation of why this is wrong I’ve yet heard here.


UPDATE, SAT JAN 12: Hah!  Seems someone else had the same idea and outed these morons: “Journalists REJECT Personal ‘Gun-Free’ Zone Signs”!

James O'Keefe, WND, Gun-Free Zone Signs, Journalists Reject



Mere possession of a high-capacity gun clip is illegal in Washington D.C. where Meet the Press is filmed. Despite this, host David Gregory all but dared D.C. Police to arrest him in a segment last Sunday on the shootings in Newtown, CT.

I hadn’t blogged on this, but in light of this report in Politico this morning, I must:


“…NBC was told by the Washington, D.C., police that it was ‘not permissible’ to show a high-capacity gun magazine on air before Sunday’s ‘Meet the Press,’ according to a statement Wednesday from the cops.
‘NBC contacted [the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department] inquiring if they could utilize a high capacity magazine for their segment,’ Gwendolyn Crump, a police spokeswoman, said in an email. ‘NBC was informed that possession of a high capacity magazine is not permissible and their request was denied…'”

I had refrained from comment because I felt that – despite my visceral distaste for the man – bringing the full force of the law down on him would be an abuse of discretion. I felt that he deserved a good scare, for sure, so that he and others in the Ruling Class were chastened – however futile the cause – back a bit from their own unearned self-regard.
But knowing that they asked, were denied and did it anyway changes everything.  They could have just as easily used b-roll to make the point. It was utter arrogance to do the segment as aired and for that, for knowing defiance of the law, he should ABSOLUTELY be prosecuted.
Book ’em Danno.

No, Sir. YOU “Must Change” NOT US

We can’t tolerate this anymore. These tragedies must end. And to end them, we must change...”


Once again, the President finds fault in America writ-large, not LIFE.  Sometimes things happen, Mr. President. NOTHING could have stopped Adam Lanza from the evil he perpetrated in Newtown, Connecticut at the Sandy Hook School. NOTHING.  All the laws we needed we have in place.




It INFURIATES me that ONCE AGAIN this BASTARD stands before us when we are our most vulnerable and STICKS A F*CKING KNIFE IN OUR EYES WHILE WE WEEP.

Rant over.

That is all.