Megyn Kelly: Little Sister of the Poor

Huh?  Megyn Kelly’s a NUN?  Dang!  They don’t make nuns like they used to, huh? Wowza!

No… That’s not what I’m saying.  I’m saying that everyone is missing the argument about Megyn’s question at the Republican debate:  it’s not that Megyn ‘had an agenda’ to ‘take out Trump’ (which, even if it’s true, and it may well be true, still doesn’t harm what I am about to say in any way.  They can both be true, so if you’re a Trump supporter or a conservative just unhappy with Fox, don’t click away!) What everyone is missing is that by asking the question at all, she’s implicitly endorsed the ‘War on Women’ liberal meme as valid and worthy, in the same way Obamacare, by making Little Sisters of the Poor, sign a piece of paper pushing off the responsibility to pay for abortion to someone else, makes the nuns endorse abortion as valid and worthy of their notice and their facilitation of its continuance

Even if you ascribe the most benign reason for the question, “Well, they’re going to be asked this stuff on every other network debate, so might as well get it out of the way early,” you assume 1.) It’s a valid meme now and it will still be a valid meme then, thus ascribing to us all a unique ability to see into the future, most especially, the ability to see into presididential-campaign-season future, which would be a pretty nifty trick, 2.) That the purpose of Republicans debating is to defend themselves morally and politically from Democrats at all, ever, thus conferring upon this defensive posture legitimacy and validity, 3.) That a Republican debate should be about politics not substanceever, 4.) That a single solitary second of precious air-time should be devoted to this nonsense over _________ (Pick any one of dozens of colossal Obama administration failures, felonies, or fires burning in any corner of the the world.) And finally, 5.) Properly crafted, a “woman-question” might elicit such outrage, such horror – at the Democrats’ in general and Hillary’s in particular – actual “extremism” on women-related matters, that the “War on Women” meme, as implicitly offered by Megyn, could be rendered moot, utterly turned on its head, by merely articulating facts, that the Democrats would be on the defensive by morning! With 24 million viewers, it might have been the first articulation of these facts millions of them may have ever seen, and, thus, caused a catastrophic political earthquake.

That’s what everyone is missing in their pile on of one, Miss Megyn Kelly.

That’s the missed opportunity we all lament.