Via the always wonderful American Thinker  Who Elected Obama?.  Read it for a detailed explanation of the infographic below.


This Image Should Haunt All of Us

slone (@slone) November 27, 2012 OH DEAR! The liberal jackholes don’t like me calling out Obama for being the POS that he is regarding #Benghazi#tcot twitter.com/slone/status/2…



Why can’t we have these to vote?  They scan your palm’s blood vessels (without even actually touching it, though this kid is) like a fingerprint. It’s a wonderful new technology that’s not creepy like being implanted with a chip to identify yourself.  You’re just you… showing up.

Liberals make up all kinds of lies about why we can’t have voter i.d. but this one blows the most persistent one right out of the water: cost. It doesn’t cost anything to use your own palm to identify yourself and if you are capable of getting yourself to a government office to receive a government benefit, government can scan your palm while you are there so we can all benefit from elections with dramatically increased integrity.

Read the story here.


• I haven’t written in over a month.

• Felt sucker-punched by the election.  Ghastly result. Very worrying. I’m convinced the “spigot cities” stole it and sick nobody in leadership has the testicular fortitude to challenge at least some of these precincts. I guess we’re supposed to believe that it’s just a fantastic coincidence that the lion’s share of the stories of irregularities were in key swing precincts and they all just happened to benefit Obama…

• These are the times that try men’s souls, right? Well, I’m goin’ down swingin’, man. I haven’t come this far to lay down and die.

• Read about the map here.  And how just 333k votes in some key swing counties might have made all the difference.