🕵🏼‍♂️ #SpyGate; Primer / Cliff Notes

“SpyGate” = America’s First Coup: The biggest abuse of power in our nation’s history. Full-stop. Not arguable. Team Obama-Clinton weaponized the most powerful intelligence apparatus ever devised by man to subvert an election. This. Is. Not. Arguable. If you dispute that, stop reading and seek help. I’m as serious as a heart attack. The evidence is OVERWHELMING and I am OUT OF PATIENCE with “SpyGate Deniers” (to borrow a phrase).

So! Because I love you, and respect you, and want to respect you in the morning, I provide, herewith, the sources I have followed for over a year now, citizen journalists mostly, who have been 99%-100% correct months, damned near a year, in advance of the garbage #FakeNews media which was COMPLICIT in this scheme.

Folks, the scale of corruption here is STAGGERING. STAGGERING. Everyone was drunk. Nobody was minding the store. The Obama Administration wasn’t a two-term presidency. It was an 8 YEAR CRIME SPREE. And I’m sorry to say THEY MERELY USED THE TOOLS PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATIONS LEFT THEM to do it!

Undersand: NOBODY’S HANDS ARE CLEAN HERE: Left or Right. BOTH Democrats AND REPUBLICANS are UP TO THEIR EYEBALLS in this. I’m a capital-C Conservative BUT I AM *NOT* A PARTISAN. If “my side” (such as it is) is criminally corrupt, I AM HAPPY to call them out. Capital-C Conservatives – BY DEFINITION – are all about preserving the integrity to the Republic, and if someone – ANYONE – does violence to our Founding Charters of Liberty, I WANT THEM HUNG. Ok, maybe not “hung.” Just maybe 23 hours a day in a 10 x 10 cell for 40 years until they die a wretched lonely death. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. A quick and painless death penalty is too sweet. Make ’em pace 3 or 4 decades until death. I like that.

Anyway: Here are my sources. The very, very, very, VERY best BY FAR is a citizen journalist who calls himself “Sundance” and runs a website called “The Last Refuge.” It’s also known as “The Conservative Treehouse” and regulars there call themselves “Treepers.” Sundance was VIRULENTLY anti-Cruz in 2016 which kinda pissed me off, cuz he was my guy, but you go where the information is good and NOBODY’s is better than his, so I got over it. Parenthetically, this is a skill ALL TOO LACKING these days: the ability to DISCERN. To think CRITICALLY. I see too many people, even people I align with politically, just dismiss a story out of hand because it came from this or that source. I get that. That’s how I feel about NBC or CNN. But if they have DOCUMENTS, WHO CARES where they came from? THEY’RE DOCUMENTS. So READ them! Screw the garbage propaganda they SAY about them AND READ THE DAMNED DOCUMENTS and make up your OWN mind.

What Sundance does better than anyone, is knit sourced details together in a coherent, logical flow of information anyone – even a housewife like me – can follow. I don’t know who this guy is. Nobody seems to know who he is. I suspect he’s on the west coast though, because he tends to publish later in the day. He reads legal documents with the sharp eye of a lawyer but I’m not sure he is one. I think he may have worked in legal circles somehow, but I don’t think he’s a lawyer. It’s also possible he’s military intelligence but that would be my last, least likely choice. The point is, he has the disciplined mind of someone like that. Where he got it, I do not know. But he’s eagle-eyed and sharp and he never makes an assertion unless he can back it up with *linked* *evidence.*

If for some reason the linked image below doesn’t take you to the homepage, here is the link:  http://theconservativetreehouse.com

Ok, so that’s reading. Here’s some listening you need to do: Dan Bongino’s podcast. Who’s Dan Bongino? He was an elite Secret Service agent. By “elite” I mean only the best of the best of the best get on the President’s detail and Dan protected Obama. To be clear: he’s very, very, very, very careful to *never* reveal *anything* he heard or saw. *Ever.* He’s an honorable man. His value is in his insider knowledge in how things work at the highest levels *and* as an investigator. He started out as a NYPD cop. He began at Secret Service investigating fraud (credit cards, that kind of thing). If you don’t know, that’s actually Secret Service’s original mandate: counterfeiting! Anyway, he grew up a tough kid in Queens and talks like one, so don’t be put off by the machismo. Also – he holds a Masters in Economics. This is a very BRIGHT kid from Queens, so again, don’t be fooled by the machismo. Dan’s very bright, very street smart, knows a scam when he sees one, and he saw SpyGate a MILE away. Start with Episode 628 and proceed from there. He’s very good about detailing in the show notes what he’s going to discuss and in what order, so if he’s not on SpyGate stuff and you don’t want to listen to it, don’t! You won’t miss anything. Just skip ahead. Pretty much every episode since 628 save a handful are all SpyGate, except for some which may be mostly SpyGate with some other stuff thrown in.

Here’s Episode 628’s show page -> http://www.bongino.com/january-8-2018-ep-628-the-biggest-scandal-in-american-history-is-unfolding/

Here’s the actual podcast. You can just click and listen right here if you want to. I subscribe via iTunes and have it download to my iPhone everyday. He usually posts by noon eastern every day with a new hour long show.

Those are the biggies. I’ll post later with some other sources. But those are the two essential, must-have, can’t-do-without to get you up to date.