Royal Birth, Commoner Death

(See Saturday, April 28th update at bottom.)

I won’t write at length about this (it physically hurts, it truly, physically hurts me to think about this too much), but it’s too important to go without notice. It regards little Alfie Evans, a gravely ill 2 year old British boy, and the royals’ newborn son.

The same day a royal baby was born a commoner baby’s life support was withdrawn against the wishes of his parents. The  stories coming out of the last few days are absolutely soul-crushing: Alfie’s father has given his 2 year old son mouth-to-mouth when his lips turned blue from lack of oxygen. He wasn’t fed for nearly 2 full days. The doctors said they didn’t expect him to last 5 minutes off the ventilator, but 5 days later, he’s still going. (They finally allowed him to be fed. The state’s decided he’ll just suffocate himself to death, evidently.) The Vatican says they’ll take him. The hospital won’t let them remove him from the hospital. They won’t let the Vatican take him. They won’t even let them take him home to die.

There is nothing – NOTHING – more important than the ability to have the last & final word on the care of your own children. If ever there were a more clear example of why our ancestors fled England for freedom it’s this: there, you are a subject. Here, YOU ARE FREE. The STATE is not your child’s parent. YOU ARE YOUR CHILD’S PARENTS. It’s ASTONISHING that EVEN NEEDS TO BE SAID! To come between the most basic, primal, sacred space between a parent and child is monstrous.

This is what happens when you put your literal lives in the hands of the state. The state doesn’t give a sh*t about you. They care about the collective. And the collective cannot afford to care for this hopeless blob of defective flesh.

Do you understand? Do you understand what that means? YOUR CHILD ISN’T YOUR OWN.

Now I ask you: if one of the royal children were so afflicted, do you think they’d insist on pulling the plug and letting this child starve/asphyxiate to death?

Of course not. I can’t stand it. I cannot stand this. But I had to note it. It’s monstrously evil and I thank GOD we are in America and PRAY we never ever let Obamacare fully bloom. The damned thing’s tripled our monthly insurance rates as it is, and I know we’re not alone.


— UPDATE Saturday, April 28th: RIP little man.