📰 #FakeNews Hack

The only thing worse than Fake News is having to pay for it. But we have to stay informed, right? Because we’re not like them. We don’t Poe ourselves (as in Edgar Allen) into a prison of our own making. We can adult. We can consume a wide variety of news without getting triggered. In fact, we enjoy it. We even require it, because American citizenship isn’t for sissies. It’s advanced citizenship. Your Liberty must be defended with sharp sword, and you’ll go through life dull, drunk and stupid if you don’t challenge your assumptions regularly, don’t fact-check, don’t know what the freaks in the freak show are up to every day. You may even believe this bullsh*t.

So here’s a hack to get behind WaPo’s paywall. You’ll notice in the first half of my little video, the tick-box on the settings is NOT checked. When not checked, you’re locked out, paywall is up.

When you go back and tick the tick-box for using the reader view, POOF! The article drops in.

Just think of it as sticking it to the maaaan, maaaaaaaaaan.

Enjoy. 😈