Democrats = Tea Party! Who Knew?

First of all, let’s just get something stipulated:  Democrats will always tell you what they fear. Always. They are the most evolved humans in all of human history in doing what psychiatrists call projection: through their words & deeds they are doing/saying what they accuse their straw men/enemies of doing. Through their words & deeds they tell you what they fear by doing what they accuse their straw men/enemies of doing. It’s 100% reliable. 100%. Every time. Without fail. Consistently. No matter what. Okay? Got it?  Can we stipulate it?

This has been a tour-de-force week of this point in human evolution.  While Democrats stand on the House & Senate floors doing what they reliably do, breaking out the kleenex box, there, on Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid’s desk, are 8 or so House-passed bills to alleviate the suffering they say they want to alleviate, but the creepy-troll won’t even allow the Senate to vote for them.


He just heard speeches from any number of the 54 of the 100 Senators who are Democrats detail how acutely they felt the people’s pain.  Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution gives the House the power of the purse. Harry Reid actually wondered aloud what “right” the House has to “pick and choose.”

This is astonishing.

He is either cravenly mendacious or senile.  Surely the old coot knows that the long train history shows that that’s exactly how government funding gets done.  If I have my history right, I believe there are usually 12 separate appropriations bills which pass through the House, go to the Senate, then possibly to conference, then, ultimately to the President for signature. Oh… Wait… I’ve got it.  I know why Senator Reid can’t remember how it works:

He hasn’t taken up an appropriations bill since 2008.


Yes. That’s right. The last time a budget was signed by this President was April 2009.  It was President Bush’s last budget.


That’s right. President Obama has not passed a budget since taking office, in FLAGRANT violation of the law.  You’d be forgiven for no knowing that since The Palace Guard, er, the mainstream media, The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, have not reported this dereliction of duty, this unprecedented – unprecedented – neglect of the most basic functions of the federal government, one in such deep, deep fiscal trouble.  It’s unconscionable, but evidently, unworthy of reportage.

Remember: George Bush poured water on Khalid-Sheik-Mohammed.

That’s bad.

That’s worthy of impeachment.  Hell, even a trial at the Hague for war crimes leading to execution.

But back to the here and now, to Democrats on the Hill, and what their actions are telling you:

They’re giving a resounding argument for small government! A treatise on smaller is better. Smaller works.

Case in point:

One Democrat stood – with his figurative kleenex box – on the House floor during a special Saturday session, October 6th, and, while making a plea for what turned out to be a unanimous vote to authorize pay for furloughed federal workers, said he had one of his hard-working staffers stand in his office weeping.  He said she just broke down and cried, wondering aloud how she was going to pay for her two kids’ needs if they didn’t authorize back-pay for time off during the shut down.

My, my. Looky there.  Not only did they get a unanimous House vote for it, they got Harry Reid to take it up for a vote, and the President to signal he would sign it.

But, but, but… What about being “blackmailed” by “extortionists” and “arsonists” and anarchists” with “bombs strapped to their chests” and a “gun held to the American people’s head”?  The President himself and his henchman have used these words to describe their fellow Americans who disagree with them.

Islamic terrorists are just misunderstood, mind you.

But Americans, and their representatives on The Hill, are worthy of this rhetoric from The Leader of the Free World.

So what does it mean? How is this Tea Party?

What you see up close, you feel.  What you feel personally, you act on.

The lesson here is: if you cry in front of your congressman, you get action.

Good luck getting in front of your congressman.

Unless you’re part of a special class of people, either on the inside via working for the federal government, or via a big checkbook, that ain’t happening.  And an email, a tweet, even snail-mail isn’t as powerful as one woman weeping over her children in front of one male congressman.

Men hate it when women cry. They’ll do anything to stop it.  Just ask one. They’ll tell you. They h-a-t-e it.

So imagine, if you will, that that same woman just ran in to that lawmaker at the grocery store. At church.  At the local diner.

That is what Tea Party advocates.

Return the non-defense functions of the federal government to the states.  Defense is the only item in our founding documents specifically enumerated for federal funding and control.  The only one.  Now, we have an enormous transfer payment apparatus in the form of Social Security & Medicare (and now Obamacare) that has to be unwound, reformed, but that’s doable. It’s completely doable without harming a soul. It just takes courage.

But imagine how that would be?  Imagine if the E.P.A. administrator in West Virginia had to risk running into a coal miner at the Piggly-Wiggly? You think she’d be so callous? Hm?  Imagine if the administrator for aged/disability payments had to risk running into a recipient at church? (I know, I know… a progressive at church? Just go with me here…) You think he or she would threaten them so carelessly?

Of course not.

Smaller is better.  Local is easier to keep an eye on. You know what’s going on in your backyard. Harder to know what’s going on in a backyard hundreds or even thousands of miles away.  It’s one hell of a lot easier to get to your state capital or even county/parish/borough seat than it is to get into any building in Washington D.C. right?

These Democrats voted to restore funding for their staffs not just because they cried in their offices, but because they live with them and rely on them every day.  If their staffs hate them, they’re less likely to hold the elevator door, get their faxes out on time, etc., etc. The people who rely on these politicians for their pay can make their lives miserable by their absence when relations are good, and by their presence if relations are bad, if they feel abused by these politicians.

YOU are the people. If they’re in your backyard, you’ve got them by the… well… you know.

Thanks for making the argument for us, Democrats!  Too bad The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, won’t report it that way.

Remember: Khalid-Sheik-Mohammed got wet.

That’s bad.