“Compared to What?”

Classic Alinksy/Progressive tactics on display from radical anti-capitalist Representative Ellison here. It’s textbook stuff if you’re a student of it (and you’re willing to stomach 6 minutes of it).

Take 63 cents of every dollar you earn? That’s “fair,” he says. Keith is math-challenged, of course. See a previous post of mine on that, but now, witness his skill with:

Isolate. Demonize. Talk over. Marginalize. Straw men. Relativism. “Compared to what?”  

The problem with relativism of course, is that in the this scenario, in particular, you can always point to some human suffering somewhere that somebody else’s money might alleviate. Always.

Funny – They never talk about increasing the tax deduction for giving to local charities so that you can be a good, unselfish, patriotic American that way. It’s always tax & grow government.

A reasonable person might wonder if it’s really not the alleviation of human suffering they’re after… but their own aggrandizement.

Hint:  Charity is not spelled T-A-X.