Carrots, Cancer & the 91% Tax Rate

It is an article of faith among the veddy, veddy, smaht liberal cognoscenti that the 91% top marginal tax rate is what led – directly – to the building of The Greatest Generation and their Greatest Accomplishments and All that is Great in America.

It is therefore, unsurprising, now that The Boy King has been reinstalled, that they are angling for a return to the glory days of earning 9 cents on the dollar. (Yes, liberals, I’m aware it’s the top marginal rate, not the first $200k, okay?… *Sigh*).

Have these veddy, veddy smaht people never heard of the intellectual head-fake – really, a rookie move – known as confusing/conflating corollaries and causation?  Why pick the 91% tax rate? Why not pick poodle skirts? Fedoras? Everyone wore them at the time so surely that’s what caused our national prosperity, right?

91% of people who get cancer ate carrots, so surely it’s carrots that cause cancer, right?

Pick one: They’re morons or they are lying to you, because it has to be one. If you take it as an article of faith that the veddy, veddy smaht cognoscenti are at least book-read enough to know the data, then you are left with evil – simple, pure, evil lying.

  • Don Mercer

    So you’re suggested that a higher top marginal tax rate has as little to do with national prosperity as poodle skirts and fedoras? Higher taxes were necessary, we were at war, a real war as well. The national debt ballooned at the same time. Turns out its expensive to both save and rebuild the world. The US benefitted from this global reconstruction but also due to its heavily mobilized and undamaged industrial strength. High tax rates allow governments to spend on programs that will lead to future growth and also construct infrastructure that will provide value for decades.
    American political discourse has been hijacked Annie, by idiots, idiots who do not understand context or history. Unfortunately, also idiots who cannot realize, for painfully unfathomable reasons, that one American political party exists SOLELY to serve the wealthy elite of the country. Pro-business and pro-wealth policies have been blended with socially conservative ideology. It seems that the socially conservative faction of the party have completely accepted and internalized the pro-business policies of the party. What is left is the uncomfortable dissonance between a party of the wealthy elite and the, predominantly white, downtrodden social conservative.
    I beg you, research and understand modern economics. Every week there is further evidence that inequality is dragging down the United States. Educate yourself, squash ignorance and rebuild your country as an example for the rest of the world to follow.

  • benghazi..

  • dogbite186

    Stumbled across the page. Love you writing and observations. Keep going and don’t take breaks.

  • Rina D.

    i AGREE COMPLETELY. Having had the displeasure of working with liberals in varous fields, I can honestly attest to their chronic arrogance, their unchallenged (by themselves) assumption that they are always in the right, and their bullying, whining tyranny which is couched in a half-baked “save the world” rhetoric. They are the cancer of the world.