Birth Parents FOUND

“Peg” Margaret (Brown) Ceci & James Carter Megeath

It only took 53 years!

LOTS to tell, and hoooooooo-boy! Is it a TALE! But suffice it to say the Megeath half of the equation, which just showed up in 23andMe a few weeks ago (I knew about Peg years & years ago), produced a HALF-SISTER which shocked the HELL out of BOTH of us and happily, we get on just fine! NEITHER of us having ever had a sister before, this is pretty weird, and we’re both treating it like fire, with healthy respect and the full knowledge that this can either be a source of warmth or a terrible conflagration, so we’re being very slow and cautious and thoughtful about all of this, with no expectations whatsoever, just patience to let it play out organically, but my goodness… what a few weeks!

So here they are, the passionate couple! They are both long dead, so it’s ok to tease a bit 😉

I told Dad all about it and he was blown away! We had a lot of laughs about it, mostly because I was calling him Studly McStudFace… I mean… You gotta laugh about this. Wait until you hear Megeath & his bride lived 2 miles away from my parents for 4 years… Oh yeah. And how my half-sister and I were both baptized at the same church and they all probably went to church together. This thing is a bad after school movie, honest-to-God! I promise to fill in later. For now, however, know that it appears he never knew about me, and the Megeaths and the Mortons never met, so far as we know, but good grief!